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  1. Reggie


    Dave, now known as Flynn ❤️ Has found a lovely home . He’s gone to live with a gentleman who wanted an easy hound as it was his first dog. Well Flynn has certainly ticked every box as far as that title goes 😃 His new Dad describes him as superb, not one problem with him and he’s settled into his new life as if he’s been there for ever. Happy days ahead for you big fella❤️ Thank you as always to Michelle, Kel and family, not forgetting SGS Bramble, who fostered Flynn and helped him adjust and anyone involved in his transport up to Scotland
  2. Reggie


    Tiana came back into SGS care through no fault of her own . As fate sometimes casts a hand in rescue work Tiana has been adopted by a lovely family who had lost their SGS lurcher in very sad , tragic circumstances . Tiana settled in really well and loves when the grand kids visit 😍Her new Mum and Dad are so happy to have a hound in their lives again and can’t believe how good she has been in such a short time . Happy new life Tiana 💕
  3. Reggie


    This beautiful girl ❤️wasn’t in foster for long . She had settled in quickly and was showing her cheeky side in no time . A home way up North was suited to her and off she went . Erin now called Ellen has settled in very well and her new Mum and Dad are so happy after losing an SGS girl a while ago. Ellen is loving her beach walks with eyes wide open 💕 Happy days ahead gorgeous girl and thank you to everyone who helped Ellen on her road to happiness from Michelle at the kennels , Foster folk Iris and Dylan and transport folk .
  4. Reggie


    Belle’s DOB is October 2016 Sire : Confident Rankin Dam : Knockglass Maeve
  5. Home check needed here please 2 adults, 8 yr old child and no pets Thanks
  6. Reggie


    SGS was contacted about a wee girl that was needing rehomed. . Mary was living in a shed in a garden and wasn’t getting the attention she needed or deserved. SGS pulled out all the stops to save her being cold one more night and she went to her Forever home ASAP. Mary has gone to live with a lovely man who had not long lost his SGS lurcher boy and was quite lonely 😔 Mary, now fondly known as young Stevie ♥️ settled in well, found the sofa and her new Dad’s bed the first day. 😂 Be happy young Stevie , all cosy now 💓 Thank you to everyone who helped this happen so quickly . SGS volunteers are truly amazing .
  7. Reggie


    Beautiful Susie has found her Forever home ♥️💕 Susie has gone to a lovely family who were missing having a greyhound in their home after the sad loss of their one. She’s settled in so well and adores her human brother and sister especially when she’s allowed into their beds to steal the cuddly toys 😂 A wonderful end to Susie’s SGS journey and a very happy family again 😃 Thanks to Michelle , Iris for fostering this great girl and anyone involved in her transport up to
  8. Reggie


    This gorgeous wee girl 💕came into SGS care from a home and through no fault of her own. The lovely Michelle took her into her house to give her a quick assessment and Roxy was initial a bit shy and shut down but had just started to come out of her shell when we arranged a Foster home for her up in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Here Roxy’s journey ended as she was such an easy girl and fitted into their lives and home in every way that her foster Mum couldn’t let her move on 😃 Happy days ahead for this special girl ♥️ Welcome to the Failed Foster Club Liz. Best club there is 😃 Thanks as always to Michelle for taking Roxy into her heart and home and to anyone who helped with her transport up to Scotland
  9. We need a Home Check here please .Just adults, no pets. PM if you can help .
  10. Home check here please. Just adults , no pets. P M if you can help . Thanks
  11. We need a home check here please. No other pets or children . PM myself if you can help .
  12. Reggie


    This gorgeous boy ❤️has found his Forever home . He’s come on so well in foster from the very scared boy who was timid with strangers, children and traffic. Ramone is now to be called Bonzo and has a very sweet greyhound sister who is helping him settle in. His new family have described him as a lovely dog and he’s been enjoying his new walks with no problems at all. Be very happy handsome Bonzo , you deserve this happiness. Thanks as always to Michelle who took Bonzo into her care and to Iris and Dylan who fostered him and helped him get over his fears. They found it very hard to say Goodbye to him. Thanks as well to anyone who helped in Bonzo’s transport up to Scotland .
  13. Reggie


    Lovely Patience is now known as Brianna ❤️ She has gone to a fantastic home to mend broken hearts after a much loved SGS hound had sadly passed away . She was an anxious wee soul in kennels and is now blossoming as an only dog and truly showing her character. She’s a real Daddy’s girl and waits patiently for him to come home from work 💕 Brianna has definitely settled in and loves her conservatory to sun bathe in😂 Happy days now Brianna , life is going to be such fun . Thanks to Michelle for taking her into her care and to Irene and Tommy for making the long trip South to collect her from kennels.
  14. Reggie


    This wee poppet never made the Homeless page . Rosie went to live with another SGS hound as he was needing some company and as she’s a little gentle soul the match has worked out so well . Rosie has settled in really well , great with all breeds and has now mastered the stairs which were a bit confusing to begin with. Her brother Hugh was a tad ‘ huffy’ 😂 to begin with but has come round and they are such a beautiful pair when out walking together❤️💕 Happy days ahead gorgeous girl😍 Thank you Michelle as always and to everyone who helped with Rosie’s North bound transport
  15. Reggie


    What a sweetheart Seren sounds. A very lucky family to have found her and vice versa . Thanks for fostering her Shona
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