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  1. Reggie


    Taz, who is now Jack❤️ has found himself a great home . Jack has gone to live with a lovely lady who had been looking for a companion to keep her company for a good while . Jack has settled in really well and has become more confident as the days go by. He’s been perfect out and about with all breeds of dogs and loves his walks in the big local park . He’s very, very, affectionate and would stand all day for cuddles 😍 Happy new life handsome Jack , good times ahead for you . Thanks to Donnie who fostered Jack and showed him how to be a pet with lots of love and patience . Thanks
  2. Reggie


    This handsome boy has had a long journey since he came into SGS care so long ago. Chaps came in as a young pup with his sister Dusty, went into foster and was a typical young full of fun lurcher . Sadly Chaps became unwell with a gastric problem and this put him back a good bit in his progress resulting in him having a lot of vet trips and then trying to get the correct diet for him to grow strong again. He became quite fearful with folk he didn’t know, quite reactive to other dogs he didn’t know as well and was quite a challenge for his foster Mum . Chaps had grown into a strong boy and
  3. Reggie


    Very handsome Trevor is a very lucky lad ❤️ Trevor will not be moving from his foster home as he’s been the most loving and and fun boy since coming into SGS care . Trevor is a big, chunky lad and initially was like bull in a china shop with little spatial awareness 😂 He’s been such a great foster brother too and helped his girlie friends to adapt to house life being very tolerant in many ways❤️. Have a great life Trevor, you’ve charmed your new Mum and Dad so much they could not bear to part with you 😍 Welcome to the Failed Foster Club Iris and Dylan , the best Club to be in 😄
  4. Reggie


    Handsome, gentle Ted ❤️has found his Forever home . Ted has gone to live with a lovely family who have been very patient in waiting months for the right dog and are so pleased they did as Ted has fitted in so well with them. He’s loving his many walks a day , loving his sofa to sleep on after the walks 😃 He’s proving to be the nicest , kindest boy and his new family can’t fault him in any way. Be happy big Ted ❤️ Thanks as always to Michelle for taking in Ted to the kennels, John for fostering him and everyone who helped with his transport up to Scotland .
  5. Reggie


    This gorgeous older boy ❤️never made it to the Homeless page . We had a home waiting for him with a lady who wanted an older greyhound as they are sometimes difficult to re home. At 8 yrs old he’d spent all his life in kennels and raced for most of these. He’s had most of his teeth extracted and is feeling much better now. He’s found his Forever home now and has settled into life as a pet very quickly , enjoying his walks and his comforts and most of all getting lots of cuddles ❤️ It’s been a long time coming beautiful boy so enjoy every minute of your new life . Thanks as al
  6. Reggie


    Handsome Frank , ❤️or rather Frankie as he is now called , never made it into the Homeless page. Frank has found his Forever home up in the NE of Scotland and has a beautiful greyhound sister to keep him company . Maggie is an older lady and Frankie is so good with her and walks at her pace when they are together 😍 He’s settled in really well, a bit of a counter surfer initially but that’s getting better and even although he’s checking for food he’s a bit of a slow eater and has to watch Maggie doesn’t steal his 😂. His new Mum has described him as perfect and the family couldn’t hav
  7. Reggie


    Beautiful Leah 💕has found her Forever home way up North beside a beautiful beach. Leah was quite a lively lady when she first came into Foster as her new World was just so interesting and she didn’t want to miss minute discovering it . 😂 She settled down though and with help from Trevor, her canine pal , she decided it was ok to calm down and enjoy life just as easily. Leah has a handsome brother to keep her company and a lovely big garden to play and sunbathe in 😎. She’s enjoying her beach walks and she’s so tired after them she likes nothing better than to stretch out in her ga
  8. This lovely boy ❤️never made it onto the Homeless page. Rocky was destined to be PTS because he was too slow in his last race and was surplus to requirements so when Michelle was notified about him SGS took him in right away. We had the perfect home for him with a family who have 2 hounds and one from SGS so he went straight from kennels . Tommy has settled in really well, a bit cautious with the stairs and hasn’t realised yet how comfortable his huge big bed is yet😂 He’s not phased with thunder and seems to have taken everything in his stride when out and about and is enj
  9. Reggie


    Sex: - Male Age: - 6 (19/8/14) Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - BlackChildren: - not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - not yet assessed Housetrained: - currently in FosterSpayed/neutered: - Yes If you have room in your home and your hearts for ?? please visit our websitehttps://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
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