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  1. Last week
  2. Thanks Claire, just one calendar. Have sent payment via PayPal.
  3. Yes I do, how many would you like?
  4. Hi Claire. Do you have any calendars left? I have made a donation via the link on the SGS home page. Stan
  5. Great news Princess Brianna ...erm.. I mean your highness
  6. We need a home check here please. No other pets or children . PM myself if you can help .
  7. Hi Prasad, I will check better and get back to you tomorrow 😁
  8. SGS are delighted to have been gifted these beautiful greyhound sculptures to help raise funds for our homeless hounds! 🎄Raffle tickets can now be bought via the donate button on our website 🎄 (Paypal - info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com) for £5 each! 🎁The lucky winner will be drawn on Sunday 8th December at the Christmas Show!🎁 http://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org/ When you are using Paypal please remember to add a note with the following details, so we can contact you with your confirmation and raffle ticket number(s)! Reference: greyhound sculpture raffle Name: Phone number: Email address: Town/City: The winning ticket will be drawn on the 8th December at our Christmas show, but do not worry if you cannot attend - we will contact you and make arrangements for delivery after the show! Please note we are only able to arrange delivery to within the UK. If you do not use paypal and would like to make alternative arrangements to pay, ping us a message on facebook or email us info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com For further information on the sculptures such as weight, dimensions etc, ping us a message!
  9. Hi Claire, I'd like a winter coat and a fleece for Jessie. Size small. What colours do you currently have? Thanks, Pras
  10. Jax


    Lovely news for bonzo. His new sister is a total sweetheart ❤️
  11. Ianandjudith


    Four months on and he is happy and healthy and so much more confident. 😍 Thank you to Michelle and to Iris and Dylan. Be happy lovely Bonzo. May the sun shine on you for good now.
  12. Reggie


    This gorgeous boy ❤️has found his Forever home . He’s come on so well in foster from the very scared boy who was timid with strangers, children and traffic. Ramone is now to be called Bonzo and has a very sweet greyhound sister who is helping him settle in. His new family have described him as a lovely dog and he’s been enjoying his new walks with no problems at all. Be very happy handsome Bonzo , you deserve this happiness. Thanks as always to Michelle who took Bonzo into her care and to Iris and Dylan who fostered him and helped him get over his fears. They found it very hard to say Goodbye to him. Thanks as well to anyone who helped in Bonzo’s transport up to Scotland .
  13. Earlier
  14. thanks so much get that away to you tomorrow
  15. Hi, that’s it paid with bobsmum as the reference x
  16. Sure thing, its just the email address Info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com if you have your own PayPal account then please mark it friends and family
  17. Hi can I pay with PayPal please?
  18. Sorry I had a few problems posting this😳. Princess Brianna is setting well. She is very sweet and affectionate. She loves her food, her toys and all her beds😊. Very timid initially, her true mischievous spirit is coming through and she is proving to be full of fun.
  19. Jax


    This sweet girl is now in a foster home and is getting on great with her foster brothers and sisters, including a cat!!! She's learned to roach on the sofa so we know she's a fast learner!
  20. Jax


    Lucky boy Myles has just gone into a foster home. We're looking forward to getting to know him better 😊
  21. Jax


    This gorgeous girl didn’t make it to the homeless page ☺️. She was so easy going to begin with we knew she’d fly out the door. As chance would have it there was a big hound shaped hole just waiting to be filled. A family who previously adopted from SGS had lost their beloved Ivy, and their other hound Pele was pining for doggy company. After just a few short weeks in her foster home, Zola met Pele and went home ❤️ to live happily ever after. Thank you to Michelle who took lovely Zola in and Eleanor for fostering her. Thanks also to everyone who helped with transport
  22. Sure thing, we dont have the cards this year im afraid just the calendars. Your total will be £9.40 including postage, are you able to do a bank transfer or would you rather PayPal?
  23. Yes working. Be good to get an update after a home check
  24. Hi Claire Could I have one calendar please, do you have any Christmas cards this year?
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