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  3. That's great I'm glad. Sorry for the lateness
  4. Hi Claire Berry got her lovely new jacket on Saturday. Thank you
  5. What a year! We had some big challenges in 2019 with sadly more dogs than usual coming back into our care. We've had much laughter and many tears, such is the nature of rescue work. But we could not have done it without our amazing supporters. Whether you shook a can, sponsored a kennel, fostered a homeless dog or adopted an SGS hound we are eternally grateful.
  6. Hi Claire A big thank you - Charlie's smart black coat arrived today and it fits perfectly. It'll see plenty of wear when we go up to Berneray next week, so I'd better set to and sew on the elastic loops to hold it down over his bum in the usual island gale.! Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year break from racing round after all of us - you deserve it! 😇
  7. Hi Roseann, oh no I will find the posting receipt and see if I can track it.
  8. Hi Claire - Berry's new coat hasn't arrived. Can you confirm when it was sent. Thanks Roseann
  9. Thanks I'll.pop those in the rota in the team bit too 😁👍
  10. Just popping this here for info. Bryony, Zarene, Nico, Naga, Seamus, and Kieran (3 humans, 3 hounds) for the early slot @ClaireB
  11. It's very similar but not the exact same
  12. they are the same or very similar DScot .... @ClaireB can you double check pls?
  13. Thanks Claire. Is the black the one with the red trim like in the picture?
  14. Hi Damien, I can do you blue, black, red or silver/grey in that size
  15. Hi Claire Can you please check if you have a black winter coat in size medium for Flash? (I measured him as 27.5 inches from shoulder blades to base of tail) Cheers Damien
  16. No worries Jan, maybe we will have better luck next time 👍
  17. I'm really sorry Claire but I can no longer come to the can collection on 21st. I do feel really bad about this, especially considering the trouble you seem to be having getting people in Edinburgh. I have just heard that my freezer is going to be delivered that day (Sod's Law!) and don't want to reschedule. If it turns up early, which is unlikely in my area, I will still try & come but I can't promise. So sorry, but hopefully the usual good amount of people & dogs will turn out.
  18. That's fine, it did come up on the PayPal but just making double sure
  19. So sorry Claire Just realised I hadn't actually said thank you! I am - and Charlie will be - very grateful for your brilliant efficiency
  20. Yeah - still haven't managed to sell this house 😪 Looks as though Rachel and Neil will move before we do. Maddening! Thought the address would come up on the Paypal thingy - sorry
  21. Hi Judith, No problem i have a nice black one all packaged up and ready to go. Just to check your address is still in Derbyshire yeh?
  22. Hiya Claire Is a blizzard coat the same as a lined winter coat, please, because Charlie's is beginning to fray at the edges? I've measured his current one and it's 32" from collar to tail. Happy with red, blue or black - currently has blue. Have Paypalled £30 for coat, postage, £10 homeless dog coat, donation of small change Thank you (sorry you'll be fed up with the post office at this time of year)
  23. Sure thing, I'll post that today. Pretty Berry pink
  24. Hi Claire can I have a pink one thanks
  25. Sure thing Rebecca, will post tomorrow
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