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  2. How many raffle tickets would you like?
  3. Your membership isn't due until March . I'll send you a reminder at the time.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thanks Lorri and @Jax - how much do I owe? I'd also like raffle tickets too please
  6. Last week
  7. Any chance id bringing 2 calendars to the walk and I’ll bring dosh or Paypal it?
  8. defo got 2 calendars with your name on them! @Jax im sure will help with membership😄
  9. Hi Claire - I also need a calendar - preferably two if you have them - and I'm sure my membership expired ages ago so I need to renew that too. Jane
  10. Happy new home, Stiallach (great name - much more descriptive than Mollie!) And look at that sweet wee face! Don't rag your new big sister and brother too much, will you? And here's hoping your hips stay strong and your health problems are a thing of the past. Enjoy your forever home (and sofa) now. 😘
  11. https://www.facebook.com/events/1400532956763099/ A get together for the more northern folk who cannot make the events further south. You can see it on the FB page
  12. Oh that's a shame, we couldn't get a date this year. You could come along to the Perth Christmas Cuppa event on the 15th December.
  13. Is there no Xmas can collection in Dundee this year ? I knitted a new Xmas jumper for Rosie this year 😕
  14. This lovely girl came into SGS's care a few months ago, through no fault of her own. She was in foster for a few months while we looked into some health issues. She had a great time in her foster home, especially playing with her foster brother Towser who is also just a young pup! She was finally rehomed recently to a lovely family and she is getting on just fine. She has a now got a big sister called Patch, and an older greyhound brother called Nero, who are getting used to having a young playful pup around the house. She also has a fab new name Stiallach (gaelic for stripey) which quite suits her! We would like to say a special thanks to Gillian for taking her in when she needed it, for helping get to the bottom of her health problems. She spent a few months there while she began her new exercise regime to strengthen her hip so I'm sure she was a very difficult one to let go! Be happy in your new home Stiallach, and try not to annoy your new brother and sister too much with your puppy antics!
  15. Great, I'll get that away tomorrow
  16. !st class postage please. Just made donation. Transaction ID 4416-9626-3073-2262. Thanks.
  17. That's great thanks Margaret
  18. Sure thing, that will be £28 + postage of £3 for 2nd class or £3.55 for 1st class
  19. Hi Claire I have just paid 35.00 by Pay Pal for one Calendar and Membership. ID no 6X928573D8604120E Many thanks Margaret
  20. Hi Claire, No worries about the delay. I expect you're quite busy. Could I have the winter coat in black and the fleece in red? Let me know the total including postage and I'll donate on the site. Thanks
  21. @ClaireB do you have any extra small fleece pink ones? I’m sure it’s the small Iona has it’s too big for her she always end up looking like a bag of potatoes 😂
  22. Earlier
  23. Hi Prasad, sorry for the delay. In the small i have only black or blue in the winter coats but more arriving this week hopefully in a couple of other colours, im sure there will be pink? In the fleece coats though much more choice, pink love hearts, plain pink, black and white stripes, purple, orange, red, green
  24. Thanks its on its way
  25. Linda Rowan


    Hello, I'm Linda, the failed fosterer. I'm still trying to find my way around the forum, but Suzy says thanks for the kind good wishes. She has adapted to home living amazingly well, apart from some problems with the stairs on Day 1. (Day 3 she was racing up and down them like one who'd lived her early life in a high-rise with a wonky lift!) Her favourite things include food, treats, more food, more treats, the rear end of the Dalmation across the road, tummy rubs, and more food. Pet dislikes are squirrels in the park, squirrels in the garden, squirrels crossing the road, and empty food bowls. Sorry I can't yet attach photos here, but she puts in regular appearances on Twitter and has the makings of a porn star!
  26. Thanks Claire, just one calendar. Have sent payment via PayPal.
  27. Yes I do, how many would you like?
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