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  1. Jennifer Picket is asking for a coat in messages as Seren has chewed hers, naughty pup🤣
  2. Shona C


    Happy Forever Erin.
  3. Shona C


    Have a great life Tiana. It has worked out perfectly.
  4. Shona C


    Belle went to her forever Home last week with a lovely couple and their cat Enzo. They have been taking things slowly and allowing Belle to settle at her own pace. In a week she has become part of the family. She knows not to mess with Enzo and goes into her crate when he gives her the evil eye. She enjoys cuddles with her mum and dad and is even starting to play with toys. Belle was a pleasure to foster taking everything in her stride but I was happy to see her going to her forever home as I know she will be very loved and spoiled. Thank you as always to Michelle for taking her in and to Howard and Alison for bringing her up to Scotland. You will have the best of Christmases Belle and have many many years of being a very loved and appreciated Pet.
  5. Shona C


    What a clever girl you are Roxy convincing your foster family that they were your perfect home. Be happy Beautiful.
  6. Shona C


    So glad Susie has found her forever home. Be happy pretty girl.
  7. Shona C


    Happy forever after Flash.
  8. Shona C


    Congratulations to Stevie and her dad. She’s going to have the very best of Christmas s and the best new year of her life.
  9. Shona C


    ALICE Sex: - Female Age: - 25/11/16 Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Fawn Children: - not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - not yet assessed Housetrained: - currently in kennels Spayed/neutered: - Yes If you have room in your home and your hearts for ?? please visit our websitehttps://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335 This gorgeous girl never made it to the homeless page as after not even a week in foster, she proved to be such a good girl and a perfect fit for a family that had been waiting a while for their perfect hound. Her new name is Seren and she has been as good in her new home as she was in foster. She ignores the resident cat and is happy sleeping while her two human brothers play around her. Her new mum says she is “A dream come true” and “Such a polite girl, she completes our family” Thank you as always to Michelle for taking her in and assessing that she may be cat trainable. Also to Magda for bringing her up to Scotland. You are already very loved gorgeous Seren and I know you are going to have a great life. I am proud to have been part of this very special hounds journey to happiness 😍
  10. Shona C


    Look at the size of her 😮. I bet she loves her 4 pawed brother and her family. Thank you for giving her such a good life.
  11. Shona C


    She is beautiful and looks so happy. 💕
  12. I have moved this picture to The beautiful blacks catagory 😀
  13. Cujo is a bit timid at the moment . The World outside his life in the Highlands is a bit scary, folk, other dogs etc. He's coming on slowly and hopefully will understand that normal daily things are not to be afraid of. This gorgeous Pup never made it to the homeless page. He is now called Stan and is learning to be brave with his new mum, dad , beautiful lurcher sister, Susie.💕 and feisty pussy cat Dave. Thank you to Joe for fostering Stan and taking such good care of him, while he waited for his new home. Be happy forever Stan and be good with Dave or you might get a scratched nose.
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