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  1. Thanks Jax I don;t drive logn distances ie only locally so I could only take the banner by cab, which would not be a problem.
  2. I could help but could not take it all on by myself. I cannot stand for long periods so being around all day would not be possible. I wonder if there were two people at a minimum, including myself, willing to help on this it would be better anyway? A bit like job share! After all, putting it all on one person means that if they are suddenly unable to be there, the whole event may be compromised. So if anyone else on here from Edinburgh is willing to share the burden, PM me.
  3. I would definitely love to give Matteo a home.  I live alone, no cats, no children and I am in Edinburgh, by the beach.  I can give him a home in early May when works to the house are done.

    1. ClaireB


      Hi Siobhan, 

      I'll make a note on your thread that you are interested in Matteo. We are working through all the applications we have in and will be in touch if we feel he will suit you. 

    2. Leslies


      Thanks Claire

  4. Hi jax


    I sent an e mail earlier as Bob looks lovely.  I cannot take a dog until the Spring but Lorri advised that I have been "approved".  Oh and on Amazon Smile, SGS are my chosen charity.  When I do get a dog, I will be buying quite a lot on there- although will get the coats from SGS Merchandise.

    1. Jax


      I replied to your other message but thank you for supporting SGS through amazon smile. :)

  5. Hi Reggie


    I may be the person in EH15 where a home check has been requested.  Does this mean I can expect to hear from someone soon?


    Many thanks!

    1. Reggie



      I just got a message form one of our Volunteers yesterday that she can do your Home Check . She should be contacting you over the weekend or the beginning of next week


    2. Leslies


      Great- thank you Suzanne.  it was good to speak with you earlier in the week.

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