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      SGS 10th Anniversary   03/01/2018

      To mark the 10th year of SGS we have a few special events organised, including new merchandise with a brand new logo, a special auction on Facebook and a brand new website; www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com. Click here to see the full post http://sgsforum.co.uk/topic/35344-sgs-is-10-years-old/    


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  1. Fleece Coats

    That’s ok I’ll take the older one in medium. I think large would be too big, she wears a medium SGS coat and it is pretty big as it is! So £17. I’ll come by with the best boy sign and collect them if that’s ok? I’ll message you on Fb
  2. Fleece Coats

    Can I have the medium black and XL burgundy please? Let me know how much I owe 😊 x
  3. Fleece Coats

    Hello, can you tell me what colours of fleece you have in medium and extra large please?
  4. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Ahh I was just checking the route but then realised the required date....im on holiday then, sorry xx
  5. Katie, the woman won't be home til after 6pm. I'm back to work 6-7.45pm so can get wee Nora after work at 8ish. This would mean getting to Harthill for 9pm. Is this awful late?? I don't know who is meeing us at Harthill but if it's okay with them, then it's fine with me xx
  6. I can do this afternoon can be in Clydebank at 3.15pm can go to harthill.
  7. Muzzles

    Paid. Receipt number 0061-7835-4384-7252 xx
  8. Muzzles

    Red please. I'll make the payment online tonight xx
  9. Muzzles

    Hello, could I order a large greyhound muzzle please? Are there different colours? Thanks!
  10. Bess

    This is fantastic news! Be happy lovely wee Bess xx
  11. Sunny

    Yey!! Love a failed foster. Be happy xx
  12. Pup

    Have a great life lovely Pup! Xx
  13. Ellie

    Be happy lovely lady ? Xx
  14. Millie

    What a beauty, she looks very happy now ? Xx
  15. Summer Can Collection - Glasgow

    Unfortunately we can't help with this one, we're on holiday abroad at the time. Hope it's a good success like Christmas xx