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      12 Days of Christmas   12/13/2017

      Be sure to check out our post in the Behaviour and Training section about all the issues and possible dangers that face all dogs at this festive time of year


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  1. Fleece Coats

    That’s ok I’ll take the older one in medium. I think large would be too big, she wears a medium SGS coat and it is pretty big as it is! So £17. I’ll come by with the best boy sign and collect them if that’s ok? I’ll message you on Fb
  2. Fleece Coats

    Can I have the medium black and XL burgundy please? Let me know how much I owe 😊 x
  3. Fleece Coats

    Hello, can you tell me what colours of fleece you have in medium and extra large please?
  4. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Ahh I was just checking the route but then realised the required date....im on holiday then, sorry xx
  5. Katie, the woman won't be home til after 6pm. I'm back to work 6-7.45pm so can get wee Nora after work at 8ish. This would mean getting to Harthill for 9pm. Is this awful late?? I don't know who is meeing us at Harthill but if it's okay with them, then it's fine with me xx
  6. I can do this afternoon can be in Clydebank at 3.15pm can go to harthill.
  7. Muzzles

    Paid. Receipt number 0061-7835-4384-7252 xx
  8. Muzzles

    Red please. I'll make the payment online tonight xx
  9. Muzzles

    Hello, could I order a large greyhound muzzle please? Are there different colours? Thanks!
  10. Bess

    This is fantastic news! Be happy lovely wee Bess xx
  11. Sunny

    Yey!! Love a failed foster. Be happy xx
  12. Pup

    Have a great life lovely Pup! Xx
  13. Ellie

    Be happy lovely lady ? Xx
  14. Millie

    What a beauty, she looks very happy now ? Xx
  15. Summer Can Collection - Glasgow

    Unfortunately we can't help with this one, we're on holiday abroad at the time. Hope it's a good success like Christmas xx