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  1. SGS Christmas Cards

    Could we have 3 calendars please Claire..Thanks, Antony & Peter x ...paid via PayPal ref 2CN35258H3495100D...
  2. SGS Summer Picnic - Chatelherault Country Park

    Same with us unfortunately..but we'll see everyone the week after 🤗🤗🤗
  3. Gorgeous Mabel

    Oh my that's just lovely to see...did she want a cuddle or just need the bit where the sun was...? Just perfect I'd say...have a happy life together, both 4 legs and 2....!! .
  4. Casey

    What a little sweetie....sounds like she now has the perfect life they that all deserve....be happy phoebe and your new family ?
  5. Ranna

    What a gorgeous little girl...so glad she has found a new home...be happy, hope to hear more about you and your new family and pictures please...!! ???
  6. Success Stories 2016

    Aw...just lovely ...fab video ❤...can't believe how young Oscar looks in his picture or that he has been with us almost a year now..! Thankyou S.G.S
  7. and again, it's Charlie

    You do wonder how a dog can make itself so small one minute and yet so large the next.....Stretch Armstrong springs to mind ?......! Wren still hasn't found the sofas to her liking yet so we still have some space to call ours.... You're not a yorkie person Deb, unless they are the chocolate ones I guess ???
  8. Charlie - again

    Looks very comfy..lol....I got fed up with photobucket....it just got more complicated than ever, so Deb showed me how to upload from Facebook it's a lot easier....you just need to sign up to Facebook first ?
  9. and again, it's Charlie

    Bit of lateral thinking needed Judith.......bigger sofa...!!...and probably a bigger bed too ???
  10. Oh, on the subject of the Proclamers..how about...I'm on my way ?
  11. Here's a few for you...some a little obscure...! Phillip Phillips...Home American Authors...Best day of my life Steve Aoki & Walk Off Earth...Home we'll go Celine Dion....A world to believe in Vangelis....I'll find my way home and a bit of a weepy.....John B Leonard...When I found you I found home (we like the words though..!) hope this helps ?
  12. Harley

    Hahahaha...and you told me you didn't feel old Judith ??? it's amazing how a poor nights sleep can change your perspective !!! I suppose we are fortunate that whilst Oscar and Wren sleep in our room it's only Oscar that creeps on the bed occasionally in the early hours..if he lays on you, which is normally the case you can't move...if Wren decided to join him I think we would end up on their beds..? Lovely to know the dogs are refreshed though and that they are happy in each other's company..can't wait to see you again and meet Charlie ❤️ xx
  13. Sasha

    Well they are built for speed rather than endurance ???
  14. Harley

    Yay....so happy for you all ....can't wait to meet the new addition Judith. Poor Charlie hasn't had the happiest life but that will all change now as he gets to know Derbyshire and Berneray...he is going to be so spoilt...???.
  15. Sasha

    We've been following Sashas journey...the story really upset us I must admit, but we are so happy that she has now settled and found that perfect home with a new best bud and loving family...such a great ending to a miserable tale. Can't wait for more pictures and tales of her adventures ???