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  1. Just watched the video.Have a big lump at my throat.Thats brilliant that he has found such a loving new home.He is so lucky after what happened to him.
  2. Brilliant news.Was hoping it would happen for them.They are lovely and look really happy.
  3. Maureen Muldoon


    Thats brilliant news.Lovely photos.two happy hounds.
  4. He looks settled already.Another lucky hound.
  5. Brilliant hearing about Melia.Brought a smile to my face.
  6. Brilliant news for Lottie.I knew by your photos of Lottie with your daughters that she wasnt going anywhere.
  7. Great news for Tiger.Happy hes finally found his forever home.
  8. Delighted for Aria.She deserves it.Shes lovely.
  9. Great news for Kasper.He will help heal your broken heart after losing Princess Boo.Lovely photo.
  10. Brilliant news for Glen.Terrible having to wait so long.Hope he has a happy life.He deserves it.
  11. So happy for Breeze.He can now look forward to a happy life with another greyhound for company.
  12. Brilliant news for Tina and Paddy.Well worth the wait to stay together.
  13. So happy for Pheonix.He deserves a good happy life after 8 years in kennels.
  14. So happy that Tigger has finally got out of kennels and in to a loving home.Hope he enjoys it.
  15. So happy for them.Great news.
  16. Thats great news for Tiger.He was in my sponsored kennel so Im really happy for him.
  17. Thats brilliant news for Dave.He looks lovely.Another happy failed fosterer.
  18. Great news for Pixie not having to move on.Shes beautiful and a very lucky to have found a good home.
  19. Thats brilliant news for Abbey.She looks lovely.Its great shes settled.
  20. Hes lovely and looks happy.Hes a lucky boy
  21. What lovely photos.Shes smiling in one of them.
  22. Thats brilliant news for Molly.Lovely photo.Shes settled already.
  23. Brilliant news that Terry.(Flynn) has been adopted after his terrible start in life, Photos show how relaxed and happy he is.
  24. It shows you if everybody sticks up for greyhounds it will help situation for Irish greyhounds.Glad they are getting charged.Poor greyhounds sent there to die.
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