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  1. Jane & Millie

    SGS Christmas Show

    Will there be any Perfect Fit harnesses? We really need a new one for Abbie but I’m not sure what size. She may also have put of a little weight but her current one is a bit tight.
  2. Jane & Millie

    Ruby's Camping Trip - A Couple of Photos

    Gorgeous photos - love the way she’s resting her head Jane
  3. Jane & Millie

    Auction donations _ Spring auction facebook

    I do - I’ve got a lovely set of brand new Thomas the Tank Engine books - still in their cellophane wrapper - I appreciate there might be a limited audience but might make a lovely present?
  4. Jane & Millie


    Aw this is fabulous - had been enjoying reading the updates about her on the other post
  5. Jane & Millie


    Gorgeous pictures - she's a beauty.
  6. Jane & Millie

    Christmas ? can ? collection - Totals

    Wow! Brilliant!
  7. Jane & Millie

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    Brilliant way of putting it ?
  8. Jane & Millie

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    Huge thanks to Lan. Hope we did ok - seemed quite quiet at times then there would be some folk wanting to pet the dogs. Carlos did brilliantly when a loud man went rushing up to him with open hands.
  9. Jane & Millie

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    Here are some picture from the 2.00 until 4.00 session (we were joined by my friend Rose for a bit)
  10. Jane & Millie


    I don't know why that says like felt - I'm sure that's not what I wrote! Meant to say was lovely to see Sasha...
  11. Jane & Millie


    Was like felt to see Sasha this afternoon - she's a very special wee girl. P,s. Finn stole my chips this evening - he obviously felt that was his reward after our unscheduled visit to the can collection this afternoon.
  12. Jane & Millie

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    I love how laid back Brodie was ?
  13. Jane & Millie

    Edinburgh Can Collection

    Here's a picture from Sat afternoon - hounds were looking very festive.
  14. Jane & Millie

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Found them - Debenhams
  15. Jane & Millie

    Christmas Can Collection - Edinburgh

    Hi all - our day is tomorrow but in town to say hi today - where are folk standing?

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