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  1. This morning I received a lovely sympathy card for the loss of my beautiful boy and best friend, Jay. I would like to say thank you very much for your kind thoughts

  2. SharonM


    well done to everyone who helped Dexter find his way home I wish you all the happiness in the world beautiful boy I'm Gentleman Jays mum and we also live in Glasgow, so hopefully we will run into each other when we are out and around the green.
  3. SharonM


    Well Done SGS this is fantastic news. I'm so happy for you gorgeous George, be happy with your new forever family. In fact, I'm Gentleman Jays mum and we live in Glasgow too, hopefully we will see you around with your new mummy and daddy
  4. ps my phone is ancient but he4res my number if anyone has any news..07999641827
  5. Just left Pollok Country Park only to go back right now to tr6y and find a wee Jack Russell with 3 legs wandering around caked in mud He has a harness and a collar on so has obviously strayed away from his mum or dad and is now lost. I thought Id put this up quickly while in the house as I had to bring Jay home he refused to move from the field for a solid hour... sound asleep. If anyone is in Pollok Park just now please keep your eyes peeled for this wee soul. Im heading back up just now. x
  6. I could kick myself - I was trying to suss out who you were from the forum (I don't know why I didn't ask the lady with the petition sheet), I'm not usually slow at speaking up We ended up caught amongst the Gay Pride Parade they were having a ball behind the St Enochs Centre. I could have taken some leaflets along with me . Sorry.x
  7. Just wondering how you got on with the protest in the Square on Saturday...it was such a sad sight to see just a handful of protesters standing in the pouring rain with their humans. My intentions were to come along with my son, daughter and Gentleman Jay to join in the protest but I'm sorry I couldn't have let my 4year old stand about in that rain it was just too wet. We cut through the square and signed the petition.x
  8. SharonM


    WOOWHO!!! This is the best news... I must admit that I have been watching Zoom since he returned to SGS ... and I am so, so happy for you big fella, you deserve to have a loving family to call your own. I just love failed fosters - they put my heart at ease. although I have never met Karen and Matthew - I would still like to say for holding on to this big guy well done to both of you and of course to everyone else who helped Zoom along the way. Live a long and happy life Zoom.x
  9. WOW! - that was very generous of RS MacDonald a BIG THANK YOU and well done Carole
  10. SharonM


    aw wee Shay...hip,hip,hooray!!! Im so glad you found your forever family and I wish you all the best. x Well done to all those who helped this wee stunner reach her destination...
  11. SharonM


    I wish you all the happiness in the world Rocco you certainly deserve it. x Well done to all those who were there for this gorgeous guy :thumbup:
  12. SharonM


    aw she looks a right wee soul ...so happy for you wee Pixie ...enjoy life with your new family Well done to all those who made this possible.x
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