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  1. Sorry I though Sam had said above there. It was £365 💷😁🐕🐕🥳
  2. Great work everyone, what a good total too 😁
  3. Yeh, I replied to your comment in the event on FB for your slot 😁 the banner and buckets etc are taken care of by the team. Thanks 😁 good luck tomorrow
  4. Hi aileen, i have put you guys down for the 1pm to 3pm slot if thats ok?
  5. SGS would like to invite you to a picnic!! The format will be the same as last years, Chatelherault Country Park, Chatelherault, Carlisle Road, Ferniegair, Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, ML3 7UE Sunday 1st of September, 12pm to 4pm ish We will be located in the front field, on the right as you come up the drive, there is a car park very close as well as a visitor centre with toilets and a cafe. The park also has good public transport for those who dont have access to a car, but do check timings etc beforehand. What we are hoping is that everyone simply brings a dish, either homemade or store bought is fine and there is usually always plenty to go around so if you forget then dont worry. Something suitable for a picnic and if folks can let us know here or by email what they are bringing then we/the team can "try" and "fill in" any gaps. Could food please be "labelled" as vegetarian or containing nuts/seafood (we will have labels if that helps) to allow everyone to partake of suitable foods. Just a wee warning though folks SGS cannot accept any responsibility for food eaten so if you have allergies etc then please be advised. Can people please bring their own seats, blankets, dogs and drinks. SGS will supply the plates, cutlery, cups and as many serving spoons as we can. This area is not private/exclusive to SGS so we would ask, as always, that dogs are on lead and muzzled if appropriate and that poo is picked up. In the event of inclement weather we are taking a gazebo to protect the goodies and dogs - people are on their own!!
  6. Great, I'll get it posted tomorrow
  7. Sure thing. If you can send the payment via PayPal, total will be £11.40 including postage and remember to send me your address either as a note on the PayPal payment or through a PM
  8. I think the small ladies would be a size 8-10, and the small unisex would be more of a 12, with slightly longer arms and on the body if that's helps.
  9. I only have small in the green in the unisex size but I have a small ladies in red 😬
  10. Sure thing. I can get it posted tomorrow for you.
  11. Yes it has. Thanks anyway
  12. We need a home check done right far up North in lovely Thurso. One older lady, no other dogs, cats or kids present. Fuel paid by SGS Post below or PM me if you can help
  13. Great, thanks 😀 we will be in tocuh nearer the time with which slot we need more folk for
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