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  1. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Hi Kirsteen, Thats the new coat order arrived and i have the red in that size for you.
  2. ClaireB

    Fleece Coats

    That is the new order of coats arrived, in the 28" we have heather blue, deep purple, lilac x2, navy x2 or bright purple. The heather blue is like a grey/blue, its very nice. And in the 30" we have Green, royal blue, navy or heather blue (1 one each)
  3. ClaireB

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    Sure thing Claire, I'll get that out to you
  4. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Thats the coats here, i have a lovely blue with red one ready to go to Patch. Its £3.4o for 1st class post or £2.90 for 2nd class, plus the £15 for the actual coat
  5. Aw Robin, big handsome guy. He looks huge in that first photo campared to the others
  6. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Just waiting on a new order arriving, should be here early next week
  7. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Will do, I'll let you know when they arrive
  8. ClaireB

    Fleece Coats

    Im in the process of ordering coats Kirsty, they should be here in a week or so if you were happy to wait i can let ou know when they arrive. On the plus side i can add in that coat to the order so i will definitely have something you will like
  9. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Hi Laura, The only ones i currently have in that size are in the rain mac style but they would defo be big enough for him. Im ordering more coats this afternoon however
  10. ClaireB

    10th Anniversary T-shirts

    Hi Melissa, Sorry but we never had any childrens sizes in this style. The current stock levels are on the top post but here they here too, pink - 2x XL and 2x Xxl and red - 2x XL and 1 XXL
  11. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Yup, replied to your pm
  12. ClaireB

    Rain Macs

    Just so you know those macs are bigger than the size on the label so if it says 24" on the label it is the equivalent of a 26" 👍😁
  13. ClaireB


    Great update Joe. Thanks Lynsey. Sir isn't a natural position for greyhounds and isn't particularly comfortable for them due to their large thighs, but they will still get the hang of it. You should use the treat to lure him into the right position, for example keep the treat very close to his nose (even let him nibble it) and lift it up and back. Think of his body like a sew saw when the head comes up the bum goes down 👇 😁 I've done a lot of training with Lianne too on the use of clicker training so it might be good to get together with her since she is more local to you then I am 😊
  14. ClaireB

    Serenity Cafe Day

    SGS has been invited to attend an awareness day hosted by the Serenity Cafe in Glasgow. This will allow us to have a couple of volunteers in the store during the day, with the display board of what SGS do and all the information about Greyhounds, their history and current plight etc. Its Tuesday the 16th October (school holidays) anytime during the day. Would any of our lovely supporters be up for coming along for a few hours? It is a dog friendly cafe so you can bring your dogs along but remember that also means that the general public can bring their dogs too.
  15. ClaireB

    SGS Christmas Special offers!

    Great, thanks

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