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  1. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    I only have black with red trim or silver in that size I'm afraid
  2. ClaireB

    SGS visit to the W.I. Denny

    Sgs have been asked to come and present to the women's institute in Denny tomorrow, the 5th of February. I am going along to do the actual presentation and tell them all about sgs, Greyhounds everything like that. What we would like however is a couple of Greyhounds to come along and get petted by the ladies as I only have a lurcher. If you are able to pop along please let me know. It's 2-4pm ish, West Park Church in Denny.
  3. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    I will check today and get back to you.
  4. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Sorry just seen this, mum will see to it.
  5. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Yeh but it is really a 32" as they are big made.
  6. ClaireB

    SGS Slouch Beanie hats

    Sorry, im afraid we have sold out. We may get them back in in the future though
  7. ClaireB


    Yeh that might be an option Tracey
  8. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Yes, so sorry Yvonne. I only have blue in that size I'm afraid. However the coats are fairly generous in their sizing so you would probably be ok with a 28" which I have in silver or black
  9. ClaireB

    Drumbo Park Greyhound Track to close!

    Awesome 😃🤯🇮🇪❤️❤️
  10. ClaireB

    Calendar of SGS Events 2019

    These are all of the events that SGS will be attending or hosting throughout the year, not including monthly walks. All are welcome. January - February - March - April - 20th - Vet School Rodeo, Glasgow May - June - 23rd - SGS Summer Show July - August - September - 1st - SGS Picnic, Chatelherault Country Park, Hamilton 7th and 8th - The Dog Lover Show - SEC Glasgow October - November - December - 1st - SGS Christmas Show
  11. ClaireB


    Hi Karen, No, sorry. We sold out of calendars a while ago I'm afraid
  12. ClaireB

    Walking out coats

    Hi Yvonne, I will check and get back to you.
  13. HC needed here, no kids, cats or other dogs. Post below or PM if you can help
  14. ClaireB

    Christmas Can Collection Inverness

    The total for the far north SGS contingent is in................. £250!!!! 😀 👍 😁 👍 🐕 🐕 🐕 🐕 🐕 What a great result for only 2 hours of collecting. Well done everyone and thank you all
  15. ClaireB

    Christmas Can Collection - Glasgow

    Well done everyone 😁🐶🐶🌧️🌧️🌧️

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