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  1. HC needed Huntly AB54

    One other dog, 2 adults, no kids. Post below if you can help. Location - Forgue, Huntly, AB54
  2. Hi Claire, hope you well, Can I ask for a web collar for Gabe along with a muzzle and coat ? poor boy had nothing, been squeezing into the girls things, but they are a little small,

    Babs x


    1. ClaireB


      What size is he Babs? Measure along his back from collar to tail for the coat

    2. BabsP


      Oh sorry Claire, he is 29 inches  poor boy came with a collar and lead that were taped up

  3. Muzzles

    Great, I'll post tomorrow
  4. Muzzles

    Sure thing, total £15 plus either £2.90 for 2nd class or £3.40 for 1St class post. Any particular colours or just whatever I come to first?
  5. Rain Macs

    Yeh that will be a good fit. Your total is £11.40 please including post
  6. Rain Macs

    Just Blue in that size jan
  7. Rain Macs

    Base of the neck to the base of the tail
  8. Rain Macs

    Sure thing, Yup if you can PayPal £13 plus £1.30 for 2nd class or £1.40 for 1st class post.
  9. Rain Macs

    Yes it is
  10. Rain Macs

    I'm afraid not, we are a bit limited for stock in the macs right now. All we have left in the 26" is red and burgundy
  11. SGS Summer Picnic - Chatelherault Country Park

    The weather forecast is looking much more promising for tomorrow so we are going ahead with this event :-D we will cut it down to finish at 3pm however as that is when the rain is scheduled :-( Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!
  12. SGS Edinburgh Festival can collection

    Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered, looks like you will be getting a decent day weather wise. We haven't published a rota as we have condensed everything into just 2 slots so just turn up when you said you would and feel free to stay as long as you like. We will be starting at 2pm and going on until about 6pm. Meeting at West Parliament Square. Good luck :-D
  13. SGS Edinburgh Festival can collection

    Still need some volunteers for this