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  1. Walking out coats

    Great, I'll get that posted tomorrow
  2. Walking out coats

    Sure thing Gillian, the total will be £20 plus either £2.90 for 2nd class or £3.40 for 1st class post.
  3. Walking out coats

    Im afraid we only have one dark green left. The new stock has not arrived yet, probably due to the festive period
  4. Walking out coats

    Sure thing 👍😄
  5. Walking out coats

    We have purple, pink, navy and red
  6. Christmas hound t-shirts

    Thanks Roseann
  7. SGS T-shirt range

    Hi Sam, Lorri measured the medium and it is 2" bigger on front and back
  8. Extra Large winter coat

    Great, if you can PayPal over the money using the donate button on the website and you can send Lorri your address and i will get that posted out to you on Monday
  9. Extra Large winter coat

    Hi Alison, It is available now, are you still interested? It is 30"
  10. Fleece Coats

    Hi Fiona, What size is Molly again?
  11. Fleece Coats

    I will have a look as we have had a few fleece costs donated recently
  12. Christmas hound t-shirts

    Sure thing, if you can PayPal the money over I'll get that posted out
  13. Extra Large winter coat

    Hi Alison, we have one person who is interested and is first in the Q but if they decide not to buy it then we will let you know
  14. Christmas hound t-shirts

    2 new, white long sleeved t-shirts with "Hark, the greyhound angels sing" One in S and one in L. £5 each plus either £1.40 for 1st or £1.20 for 2nd class post, order soon and ask for 1st class post to receive in time for Christmas