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  1. Sorry I nicked him!! But.... we couldn't part with him, he's just like our Jake nature wise <3 He's recovering well from his Op and will be back to running around with Luna and being told off by Jake again soon!! Ha ha. x
  2. So happy that she is all settled with a lovely family! Happy ever after Isla xx
  3. Awwh what a wee cutie! Happy forever home Digger x
  4. I couldn't stop laughing initially, Odie kept jumping on the sofa to get away from the pup! By the end though he was play bowing, I don't think he realised it was an "actual" dog! Ha ha! Fabulous match, well done Aileen. The girls held it together till he left then there were rivers they were very brave. Luna hasn't really pined for him at all and I know Anne has said the same of Quincy so delighted for him and them. Can't wait to see him again and see how much he has grown! xx
  5. Awwh Im so pleased babs Lucy has a small twin!! xx
  6. Lovely Roo <3 Hugs to Helena <3 xx
  7. Love the jammies!! Great news for Mum and Phoebe!
  8. Oh no The wee whippy twins, poor wee ladies!! xx
  9. I'd come through but no transport, partner is from Glasgow though and he has tagged people local to the area on the FB share. Poor wee lamb hope he's found quickly!!
  10. Happy forever home Sandy! We all adored this boy, shame that he adored the cats maybe a little too much lol xx
  11. TheCatsMother


    We are delighted for Jake, he has gone to a super home with a super two and four legged family who do things similar as I do which will hopefully make Jake's transition even easier. This boy's potential was always there, he is an extremely smart dog that just needs stability to flourish and he will get that now thanks to SGS. I heard that himself and Molly Moo shall be making an appearance at the BBQ be ready to be double teamed, these two are nearly identical.
  12. 2 adults and 2 kids for me (Kelsey is away to Ireland for a week so she is devastated she is missing it....... she loves burgers ) Will pay next week though once D has confirmed his rota for the week. x
  13. Damon has offered after a days driving to go and collect my wee laddie tonight as he is back in work tomorrow and we were expecting to be back a bit later, we are meeting Babs at Kinross to collect him at 9pm ish, thank you everyone though xx
  14. Awwh fantastic!! Well done Claudia and Miguel, you guys should be proud of yourselves xx
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