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  1. kewi82

    SGS Leather Slip Collars

    Have paid via the donate button Confirmation number: 75R85265RF650214B Thanks
  2. kewi82

    SGS Leather Slip Collars

    Thanks Claire. Could i have one of the 3 dog pattern please?
  3. kewi82

    SGS Leather Slip Collars

    Hi Claire, do you have any 14" collars available at the moment? Thanks Keira
  4. kewi82

    Goldie & Buddy

    Che'a's greyhound gang now has two extra brindles - we are thrilled to have adopted the oldies Buddy and Goldie . They have been through so much and it took them both a long time to settle, especially Buddy boy who just finds life difficult, but since he has discovered the couch and cuddles he is beginning to really chill out. We couldn't bear the thought of them ever having to go through the stresses of moving again - so decided the best plan was for them to stay with us forever! Goldie and Angie have a lady's agreement and look out for each other, sometimes even sharing a bed together - whilst both agreeing that the boys and the ginger ninja are to be just 'tolerated'. Meanwhile brindle boys Buddy and Fred love to share cuddle time with Che'a. The wee ginger pod just LOVES her two brindle boys and can usually be found curled up with them! Buddy Boy Goldie Oldie
  5. kewi82


    Great news! Be happy Mark/Stagger!
  6. kewi82


    Wonderful news - well done everyone who has helped this beautiful boy on his way. Happy days George !
  7. kewi82


    Beautiful Nigel - great news. Be happy wonderful one
  8. kewi82


    Fab news. Be happy Dexter boy
  9. kewi82


    Fabulous news for Pepe!
  10. kewi82

    Urgent transport tomorrow - Fife to Glasgow west

    Katie if someone can get the dog here (or to your's - we could collect from you?) we could take the dog to Glasgow, we are heading in to the city centre around 4ish. Is that any use?
  11. kewi82


    Fab news for beautiful Fred
  12. kewi82

    Tombola, it makes me happy!!!

    We have some boxes of chocolate for the tombola - is it too late or should we bring them along?
  13. kewi82


    So happy for Barney! Happy forever home boy!
  14. kewi82


    Yay!! Well done Harris! Great news!
  15. kewi82


    Happy Days Simba. Be happy beautiful boy.

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