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  1. megan


    Aw my Kennel dog, be happy lovely girl xxx
  2. megan


    Lovely news be happy Indy
  3. Aw sorry this is too close to the camping with hounds, it was great last year but sadly its too far to do both xx
  4. megan


    Be happy Dave x
  5. The key board is all fuzzy, well done to the team for re-homing so many lucky dogs
  6. Ha Ha Peter we have spent Christmas eve on the floor because of the black reindeer
  7. I have a 4 seater and a 3 seater and end up on the floor, maybe we should have adopted miniature Yorkies
  8. yes J that would be my choice, such a lovely tune x
  9. megan


    woo hoo Judith its official, The Southern Branch is back up to speed, can wait to meet the lovely Charlie. I think Murphy would be proud of you both. I am sure Jura will keep Charlie in check xx
  10. megan


    This has made my day, i am so happy for Murray, maybe Molly can come visit her brother, sometime
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