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  1. ooh my goodness , what amazing news.. Safe at last
  2. roofiesmum


    lovely words Suzanne be happy lovely boy, Susan you have your boy finally, all things are meant to be
  3. roofiesmum


    great news, well done wee yin
  4. MAGIC. god how cute is he?
  5. this is just so lovely, brilliant photos she looks so happy. Well done everyone
  6. roofiesmum


    ooh well done everyone, god she is adorable, happy days and lots of love form now on
  7. brilliant news, he is just stunning. well done to all of you saviours
  8. roofiesmum


    still the best name ever
  9. roofiesmum


    yaaay happy days Boab well done to all of you who helped him on his way xx
  10. i love that last photo. he looks lovely and Stan is looking stunning.
  11. roofiesmum


    omg he is adorable and so happy. what a dog bed too.
  12. yess more for the FF club, well done bonny boy
  13. roofiesmum


    this is amazing news. and Aileen, i know this would have been hard. every time he needed you, you were there for him
  14. roofiesmum


    well done Naomi for saving her and good luck in your new home little one
  15. roofiesmum


    ooh look at her with her wee human brother.. lovely . well done everyone who helped her on her way. You all rock
  16. roofiesmum


    ooh just catching up yaaay wee Mary, Skipper has got himself a new sister and you get to see Dorothea Shona too. magic.
  17. he is such a wee baby a real worrywart, can't bear to be away from Yvonne ever.
  18. roofiesmum


    brilliant news, she is absolutely gorgeous
  19. roofiesmum


    yaaay Paddy, he is adorable, a gentle wee soul. Great foatie from his new Mammy too..
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