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  1. sorted
  2. I'm sure @EmmaMac will be along soon tout everyone know
  3. 6th August, then voting will begin
  4. Payments should be made via PayPal using the Donate button on the website, please mark them as K9 Factor.
  5. Announcing Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary K9 Factor 2017 Does your hound have the K9 Factor!? Time to get snapping folks, the K9 factor kicked of on Sunday the 10th of July . We have 12 categories and each category winner will have their own month in SGS's 2018 calendar, all categories will open on Sunday the 9th of July and will close on Friday 6th August at 7pm, then the voting begins, to find our calendar stars. Each category winner will get their own page in the SGS 2018 Calendar, they will also go into a final vote to find the overall K9 Factor star. The prizes for the overall winner will be, 1st prize will be winners choice of a Perfect Fit or Fleece Lined Harness Second Prize will be winners choice of SGS T-Shirt Third prize will be an SGS tote bag Categories will be as follows Category 1 - Gorgeous Girls Category 2 - Handsome Lads Category 3 - Golden Oldie Category 4 - Hounds on Holiday Category 5 - Biggest Smile Category 6 - Beautiful Blacks Category 7 - Friends and Family Category 8 - Flower Power Category 9 - Action Shots Category 10 - Best Selfie Category 11 - Fancy Dress Category 12 - Homeless Hounds (please note that for cat. 12 the dog should have been in foster with you at some time within in the last year) The cost is simple £10 to enter three photo's per category in the competition, that is a one off £10 for all the categories, if you wish to enter more than three photo's then each additional photo for the whole of the competion will be £3. So just to clarify, you pay £10 and you can enter 3 photo's in any category that you are eligible for, if you wish to enter more than three then each extra photo will cost £3, so for £13 you can enter 4 pictures per category, £16 for 5 per category and so on...... Payments should be made via PayPal using the Donate button on the website, please mark them as K9 Factor. So come on everyone get snapping
  6. Great, i will PM you the details
  7. Anyone help out with a HC in Balerno? No other pets but one 4 year old child.
  8. Thats great Sally, thank you
  9. Show on Sunday! If you would like to volunteer to help out at the show please post below or PM myself
  10. Please note that due to inclement weather we will be restricting the can collection tomorrow to the first slot only. Anyone who is able is asked to come along from 11am - 1pm.
  11. Great! Ill make sure there is a homeless dog vest for him
  12. Here is the rota for Saturday - 11am - 1pm - @Kaz / @Fiona2 (Karen McMahon and Fiona Morrison) 1pm - 3pm - @carole2 / @MaggieB (Carole Ure and Maggie and Bisk) 3pm - 5pm - @Vanesa / Gwenda Findley Anyone whose name is not down on the rota is welcome to come along whenever they can make it. We will be meeting at the corner of Argyll and Buchanan street as usual but are free to move up and down Buchanan street throughout the day. The weather looks to be warm and dry so please remember to bring some water for your hounds and maybe something for them to lye down on. You will be joined by team members @Lorri and @Jax in the morning and afternoon respectively, they will take care of the buckets and cans etc. Lorri's SGS mobile number is - 07568107988 If for any reason your plans change and you can no longer make it along please try to let us know as soon as you can. Thank you so much for volunteering to raise funds for SGS.
  13. The Dundee one will be later in the summer Karen
  14. Its that time of year again, we would like to invite everyone to our annual Summer Show Held on Sunday the 25th of June at the East Whitburn Community Centre, Hens Nest Road, East Whitburn, EH47 8AB (where we were at Christmas) Doors open at 12 noon and entry costs £3. If you would like to volunteer at the show please let us know by posting below. We will need donations for the raffle and tombola, these can be handed in on the day. Here is a poster that you are all welcome to download and put up wherever to spread the word. .
  15. Actually just realised it's a bank holiday today so post-office will be closed. I'll post tomorrow though