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  1. Ava

    Fantastic news - no wonder, she's beeyootiful
  2. This gave me a lovely, warm feeling - be happy Pheonix. No one deserves it more.
  3. Pup

    That's brilliant!
  4. That's fantastic - you're going to be so happy Tigger!
  5. Lucky Harry and lucky family too - he really is beautiful Shona
  6. Fantastic work everyone. Perfect music to go with the beautiful photos too!
  7. Amazing job everyone!
  8. Hopefully the nasty fireworks are just about finished Jake and you can relax in your lovely new home.
  9. I had the pleasure of walking Kiki and am so delighted she has found her forever home at last. Be happy lovely girl.
  10. Fantastic, brilliant home for Roman. Happy days!
  11. Gorgeous black boy!
  12. That's such great news for him - great start to the week!
  13. Such great news for a lovely boy - be happy Floki!
  14. He's gorgeous and deserves some luck - happy new home Flynn!
  15. Fantastic news for lovely Luke.