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  2. Fantastic news - be happy beautiful Pearl
  3. awww... lovely news!
  4. Last week
  5. That would be great, thank you Lianne. Give Izzy a hug from us xx
  6. such good news for Pearl she sounds so happy and enjoying her new life.Thank you to everyone that has helped her along the way.
  7. Thanks, Jess is in that day. I'll message address etc.
  8. This beautiful wee lass has waited such a long while to get her own family but as fate would have it , just at the right time a very special home came up for her. Pearl has joined a family of 7 other dogs ranging from an Italian Greyhound all the way up to a Great Dane Pearl has fitted in so well that her new Mum and Dad can't find anything negative to say about her, not even the teeniest, she's just perfect Her new Dad says when he comes home at night she leads the charge to greet him and that all the neighbours have met her and just loved her. This is a special home for a special girl, be happy Pearl you really deserve this chance. Thanks to Michelle for taking Pearl into her care and to Amanda for fostering her and everyone in the Animal Team that helped with her transport pt to Scotland
  9. I'll be heading in to Edinburgh on Thursday if that helps? Chas.
  10. Is anyone able to take a crate from Ivybank in fife to Edinburgh (EH8)? thanks
  11. Janice, I'll write something about Izzy for you next week when I'm back at work with better computer access. Are you looking for poster style like I did a while back with the "before and after"?
  12. smashing i shall PM you. thanks
  13. Wee Robbie pup went to his forever home at the weekend. His new name is Jimmy and he's settling well with his new mums who are taking him lots of long walks giving him all the cuddles he want and lots of new toys to play with. Be happy Wee Jimmy and don't be rough with the Kitty cat. We miss you lots but you ll have everything you need in your forever home. Thank you to SGS for taking him in and finding him his lovely home
  14. I can.
  15. No other dogs or pets, some children. Anyone help here ?
  16. We have been invited to have a stall at Glamis again this year. This is a lovely event in a beautiful situation with loads of things going on. I am hoping to put up a display featuring adopted dogs and what they mean to you. I would really appreciate it if anyone could send a photo and a brief resume about your dog/dogs. Thank you It would also be lovely to see some SGS dogs up there, promoting the cause
  17. This is sorted. Thank you.
  18. This is covered, thank you for offering Andrina. x
  19. Earlier
  20. I can do it Suzanne. unless you have it covered Andrina
  21. no other furries !! I will pm you - many thanks
  22. That is brilliant! Well done everyone
  23. Hi yes could do this- no other furries?
  24. Anyone help here please? No kids or cats etc , one flight up
  25. Jake our lovely SGS lurcher needs a lift back to his original foster mum on Monday . This will be Monday evening . PM me if anyone can help please.
  26. Any one able to do this ?
  27. Happy days handsome Snipe
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