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  2. Ava

    Gorgeous pictures - she's a beauty.
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  4. Izzy

    Gorgeous Izzy has found herself a lovely home She has a dad all to herself who says she's settled so well. Her personality is coming through each day and she's found the sofa! Special thanks to Michelle for taking her in initially, and to Ruth and her family for fostering her. Lots of practice with the stairs and encouragement from them has helped her find her forever home
  5. Ava

    Lovely, sweet, gentle, funny Ava - we love her Mayo's still thinking about it though! She has been the best thing for Lily & such a great ambassador for greyhounds as she loves everyone she meets! Welcome home wonderful girl
  6. Rikki

    I'm so happy for Fionn, he is such a lovely boy! Beautiful nature! Be happy big boy! 💓💓💓
  7. Rikki

    So happy to hear this Gary, we loved having Fionn and we're so glad he has settled in well. I'm sure he is loving Mazzy and will enjoy meeting the other dogs in your family. I love the picture of them curled up on the bed.
  8. We need a checker here please. No children or other animals. PM myself if you can help.
  9. Ava

    Ava has found herself in a lovely home, after coming back to SGS care through no fault of her own as is mostly the case She went to Emma's as a foster girl but has become a member of the family now. It was debatable for a while if Ava was going to be ok with Mao the resident cat but after a while and training they have become tolerant of each other Ava also has another greyhound girl called Lily to live with. Ava has brought Lily out of her shell so much lately and they are firm friends now, sharing everything. Enjoy your life now lovely Ava, happiness at last. Thanks Emma for joining the best club ever the Failed Foster Club
  10. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    That's great News hope Kasper continues to be the perfect fit as he deserves the wonderful life you can give him.
  11. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Thanks Ken, I'll pm you!
  12. Rikki

  13. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    That's lovely to hear. This guy deserves a great home x
  14. Rikki

    A pony and a hedgehog made me 😂. So glad this special boy has a wonderful home now, looking forward to hearing of his antics in the future.
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  16. Rikki

    Aww lovely
  17. Rikki

    Fionn and Mazzy are getting along great together and Fionn has been exceptional considering everything he's been through recently. Thank you so much to everyone involved for making this happen I'll post up more pics soon. Thanks again, Gary.
  18. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    This is great news for you all . So pleased for Kaspar, he's waited a long time for the right family.
  19. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    😍😍 hes a special clever lad, and harvey being so good and sharing the sofa already 😘 I think you have wound them ALL around your little paw already 😊
  20. Rikki

    This very special boy has found his Forever Home Rikki has a new name as well. He is to be called Fionn, Irish for Finn. Fionn has settled in remarkably well with his wee sister Mazzy the Cairn terrier She's been snuggling up to him on his giant bed. His new Dad was saying that when they were both out in the garden it looked like a pony and a hedgehog there is such a difference in their size as Fionn is a big lad even by greyhound standards. His new Dad couldn't praise him enough and is amazed at how gentle and easy he has been. Be happy lovey boy, what a contrast from the horrendous life you had in Ireland. Thanks to George and Lyndsey who fostered this boy and to Vanessa who had him for a sleepover weekend .
  21. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    I'm so pleased its all going well, keep being a good boy Kasper
  22. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    It seems there are happy hearts in your home, ready to accept another wee bundle of fun. Be a good boy for your new mum Kasper. Hugs from Roxy and me Andrina
  23. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    Brilliant!!! Well done, you!! Lovely pic of very happy Houndies!! 👍👍❤❤
  24. 2 adults, no pets. Fostering homecheck. Thanks!
  25. Kasper's weekend trial going great

    Lovely to hear he's doing great so far . Thank you for giving him a chance he's waited so long for the right home to come along. Your princess Boo will be proud of you x
  26. Well, even though it is so soon after losing princess Boo, Harvey and I have made space in our hearts and sofa for Kasper. Harvey needed a friend for when I am out at work and it's been a hard journey for me, especially trying to find that elusive cat friendly hound. We saw Kasper in the homeless section and decided to go meet him and his wonderful lovely fostermum Diane. All went well so he is now with me for a 'sleepover' weekend trial. So far so good - less than 24 hours and he and Harvey are sharing the sofa. Wilbur the cat has quite firmly told Kasper who rules the household and sniffing his bum is NOT an option and VERY rude lol I thought it was too soon for another dog, I thought I would never be ready and then this gorgeous wee bundle of loveliness entered our lives. Diane, I don't think he's moving anywhere, he's got his forever sofa right here. However, I will stick to my word and continue the 'trial' until Sunday lol I know how much you and your family love this wee guy, and what you have done to transform him from a shut down, sad wee man into a happy, loving and trusting boy. I will keep him safe, warm and loved for the rest of his days and we will meet up for walks I promise xx Thank you SGS - you guys brought my beautiful princess into mine and Harvey's lives just when we needed her, and now you have done the same with Kasper. He's a wonderful wee man and he's a keeper xxxx My princess will be so happy that another hound has his forever home in her memory xx
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  28. Transport Needed 3.10.17

    Should be able to do this, can you send details. Ken.
  29. Peggy

    Great news! Beautiful puppy! 😍😍❤️
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