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  1. Yesterday
  2. Homecheck needed G41

    Bumpity BVump
  3. Auction donations _ Spring auction facebook

    I'm donating a comical aqua greyhound scarf from the scarf seller and she has kindly given me a 2nd scarf for the auction .
  4. Last week
  5. Vet transport 20th

    I can do this @SusanR.
  6. Thanks, saved on our list x
  7. Homecheck needed G41

    Anyone help here please ? Its in a flat 2 up , no other furries or little ones. Cheers
  8. I'm donating stuff from Lola Grey's Lovely Things
  9. Vet transport 20th

    We have a wee lurcher girl going in to get spayed on the 20th at Vets4Pets Livingston, we need a volunteer to help get her home after her op, probably round about tea time. Her home is only a 10 min drive from the vets, can anyone help please?
  10. Home Check needed - DG2

    Home Check here please . No children , one lurcher . PM myself if you can help.
  11. thanks ! can you send some pics in?
  12. Home Check Needed - AB51

    That's fab thanks :-) I will PM you details.
  13. Auction donations _ Spring auction facebook

    I do - I’ve got a lovely set of brand new Thomas the Tank Engine books - still in their cellophane wrapper - I appreciate there might be a limited audience but might make a lovely present?
  14. Lottie

    Aw this is fabulous - had been enjoying reading the updates about her on the other post
  15. Home Check Needed - AB51

    I can do this home check but not until next weekend.
  16. Home Check Needed - AB51

    Anyone able to carry out a home check here? Inverurie area. 1 older male greyhound already. PM if you can help please!
  17. Lottie

    Fantastic news for the lovely Lottie
  18. Lottie

    Brilliant news for Lottie.I knew by your photos of Lottie with your daughters that she wasnt going anywhere.
  19. Lottie

    She's a beaut, I hope we get lots of pics of her
  20. Lottie

    Yeah i know. Was trying to be all sensible there. You had to go and give me the perfect dog as my first foster in 6 years....was inevitable. She's such a lovely girl. Still got lots of training to do and her cheeky side is starting to show as demonstrated at the weekend when she nicked some cold baked potatoes from the kitchen counter....i'm starting to suspect she is my old dog Gypsy reincarnated as she certainly has some similar characteristics in relation to food. Anyway we are happy to have her and the kids are of course ecstatic! Thank you SGS once again for making our family complete.
  21. That's mine paid by paypal toninght, 



  22. Sasha

    Sasha was a pleasure to foster, and so so hard to give up! But it was made easier by the lovely family who adopted her I'm certain she will be loved
  23. Sasha

    What a beautiful girl, happy new life sweetheart
  24. Poppy

    Lucky family having the gorgeous Poppy come to live with them, be happy beautiful girl <3
  25. Lottie

    Lucky Lottie, she's going to have a fabulous life with you all
  26. Poppy

    Be happy gorgeous girl, it was a pleasure to meet you even it was just for a couple of hours. Thanks to Julie and family for fostering her and to Michelle for keeping her safe until a foster home was ready for her.
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