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  2. Sgs will have a stall at the EastKilbride show this year so if you can pop along and support us and show of the hounds.It is on the 29th of july at the national museum of Farming and outdoors kitochside Eastkilbride.
  3. Last week
  4. Thanks, pm'd you.
  5. Send us the details, will sort something out.
  6. I can't drive so of no use unless someone else volunteers that can give me a lift.
  7. No problem. I can't do the whole thing either! x
  8. Sorry I can't commit to helping this year x
  9. It was! There will be a Perry shaped hole there this year I thought I had turned on email notifications but have just seen this...I'm not really very competent with the forum! We have just had one offer of help so far through the Scottish Rescued Greyhound page on Facebook. Will ask again but might have to say no to them if we can't find any more helpers :-/
  10. Ava

    Fantastic news - no wonder, she's beeyootiful
  11. Thats great Sally, thank you
  12. Hi count me in. Might not be able to stay for whole thing but will be there for a good part of it. Sally
  13. Show on Sunday! If you would like to volunteer to help out at the show please post below or PM myself
  14. Ava

    Lucky Ava and lucky family to have found each other. Happy forever wee girl. Yhanks and well done to everyone that has helped along the way.
  15. Ava

    Beautiful, gentle Ava never made it onto the Homeless page. She went into Foster with a lovely family who already have an SGS hound, Bandit. Ava has settled in so well, Bandit loves her and she loves Bandit so she's going nowhere. She's just a perfect wee girl in all ways, gets on with all the dogs in the park, little or large, loves the 2 children in the family and is just a treasure to be around. Happy new life Ava with your new brother and new family. Welcome to the FF Club Tina Thanks to Michelle for taking this wee girl into care and the Animal Team who helped with the transport up to Scotland.
  16. Anyone?
  17. Fantastic news
  18. Fantastic news
  19. Katie I could do before 1pm. How would 10am do. I have Rosie and Jess overnight and have time to go out with them. They will be safe at home, it's been too hot today so they can relax while I do the run Andrina
  20. Before 1 or after 6 Andrina
  21. Anyone?
  22. What time do you need this done Andrina
  23. Can anyone pick up a wee lurcher for us on Sunday from Gorebridge and bring her to Dunfermline please
  24. Could do this next Saturday or Sunday
  25. 3 adults and one whippet. Thanks!
  26. 2 adults and 7 dogs, all female. Mix of breeds including hounds. Thanks!
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