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    Pete (Pique)

    Pete has now been home for 5 weeks now and is a proper gentleman about the house,we have had no wee accidents on the toilet front and always lets us know when wanting out. Pete will never be cat friendly,nor squirrels lol, but has no problem with children and loves to meet other people with a wag of the tail and kisses,other dogs are not a problem but dose get interested if they are running around. we have changed his diet from the dry food and he now loves his bread,beef)/chicken and veg a lot more easier for him to eat with having lost 24 teeth.
  2. Pete

    Pete (Pique)

    Pete is enjoying his new life in Scotland,loves going his walks and with living next to a golf course and miles of farmland to explore he is seeing new and different things each day.he is my constant companion who even comes shopping with me when I go and loves being in my van for our trips out
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