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  1. DScot


    Thanks Reggie. Not the same litter after all. 😁
  2. DScot


    She's lovely, congratulations Keir. Same date of birth and more than a passing resemblance to our Flash. Can anyone from SGS confirm if they might be from the same litter? Damien
  3. DScot


    Yes please. Is the postage separate or will they come together? Let me know how much I owe in total and I'll make it through the donate button.
  4. DScot


    Hi Claire Do you have any black greyhound muzzles left? Damien
  5. Thanks Claire. Is the black the one with the red trim like in the picture?
  6. Hi Claire Can you please check if you have a black winter coat in size medium for Flash? (I measured him as 27.5 inches from shoulder blades to base of tail) Cheers Damien
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