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  1. Keir


    Thank you! She was well worth the wait!
  2. Keir


    Thank you everyone for getting this sweet girl to me. Last night was a get together with all our neighbours - they all kept asking after her so I had to go and fetch her - she was definitely the star of the show and loved being made a fuss of! We’re just back from a nice long walk with Lola, our neighbours dog, and she also got to meet another SGS greyhound, Chloe, who happened to be in the area visiting friends! Here is a picture of her with her favourite toy!
  3. Merry Christmas to the whole team and a big thank you for my great soppy cuddly Christmas present, currently asleep on the couch!
  4. I've loved looking at all these pictures - you could make a dozen unique calendars! Everyone's a winner for me!
  5. My wife and I have both updated our settings to send funds your way!
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