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  1. Keir


    I think she got a certain kick out of me fetching though! I'd throw it, she'd run over and sniff it, then come back to me, at which point I would go and fetch it for her...
  2. Keir


    Yesterday she sort of chased a ball! She's watched the other dogs play with a ball in the past, but has always been more interested in them than the ball. Yesterday she found a tennis ball in the field, and picked it up. So I threw it for her. She took off after it, but then just went straight by it and kept running! It's progress though!
  3. Keir


    Belle is settling in nicely. Starting to develop her own personality and getting nice and mischievous! Enzo the cat has made sure she knows who's boss and we've had no trouble between them. Her coat is getting lovely and shiny and she's been off lead for a run a couple of times, which is fantastic to see, I can't quite believe how quick she is. Neither can her friend, Lola, who has made a token effort to join in but soon realised that wasn't happening! She has her own Instagram @el_doggo_lungo which I need to get better at updating, I'm looking forward to the longer days where I can get her out without her coat on a bit more! Thanks once again to everyone at SGS for our fantastic family member!
  4. Keir


    Thank you! She was well worth the wait!
  5. Keir


    Thank you everyone for getting this sweet girl to me. Last night was a get together with all our neighbours - they all kept asking after her so I had to go and fetch her - she was definitely the star of the show and loved being made a fuss of! We’re just back from a nice long walk with Lola, our neighbours dog, and she also got to meet another SGS greyhound, Chloe, who happened to be in the area visiting friends! Here is a picture of her with her favourite toy!
  6. Merry Christmas to the whole team and a big thank you for my great soppy cuddly Christmas present, currently asleep on the couch!
  7. I've loved looking at all these pictures - you could make a dozen unique calendars! Everyone's a winner for me!
  8. My wife and I have both updated our settings to send funds your way!
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