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  1. Scott


    she's a stunner 😍 Love the new name
  2. congrats to the top dogs! way too difficult voting, everyone has awesome hounds!
  3. Im far more excited about this than I should be 😲
  4. Scott


    what an awesome pic 😄
  5. Scott


    thanks 😊 my family think Im insane! LOL!
  6. Scott


    doing some laundry, just changed the bed, fresh clean bedsheets. Guess who was first on the bed 🤔
  7. Scott


    Insta-Loki I only made the page as a bit of a laugh but after about a week of posting I kinda got into it LOL! Im sure me and Loki will be social media influencers in no time 😄
  8. Scott


    well, I also made an Instagram page for him... ... Im 48 years old!!
  9. Scott


    Thought I'd just post up a wee update as its 5 weeks today since Loki moved in, still cant believe its ONLY been five weeks, life must've been so boring pre-loki I cant even remember it! I know you folks are proper greyhound veterans and have seen all this kinda stuff before but Im still getting amazed watching the changes in Loki. From day one he was a really lovely dog, chilled out and maybe even a bit subdued but its been awesome to watch his personality gradually come though. especially these last couple of weeks. Just watching him doing 'dog stuff' is great. He's started sleeping on his back a lot, which is new. zoomies are getting more common and he loves just playing around and shoving in to you He's getting really good on the stairs, considering the first week or so he wouldn't go near them, now he's absolutely fine to go up and down on his own. Heres a quick vid of him on his way to breakfast (his first favourite thing of the day ) He still has a bit of catching up to be in Cujo's league but she's had years to perfect her technique At this point, I dont need a clock to know when its 6AM, 6PM or 9PM because that is breakfast, dinner and evening walk and Loki makes sure I dont forget. he's started sleep beside me at night now, which is really cool. One morning I woke up and he was lying with his head on my stomach and I almost texted work and told them I'd be late due to a ridiculously cute greyhound incident but his internal clock kicked in and he was soon up for breakfast! so.. yeah to summarise... He is doing brilliant and Im kinda obsessed with greyhounds now! although Cujo still doesn't know why he suddenly runs around the garden, Im sure she thinks he's broken.
  10. the harness is great, much prefer it to the collar 👍 he's on the lookout for deer 😏 we see quite a lot around here.
  11. Awesome, thanks Claire. I'll do a bank transfer tonight
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