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  1. !st class postage please. Just made donation. Transaction ID 4416-9626-3073-2262. Thanks.
  2. Hi Claire, No worries about the delay. I expect you're quite busy. Could I have the winter coat in black and the fleece in red? Let me know the total including postage and I'll donate on the site. Thanks
  3. Hi Claire, I'd like a winter coat and a fleece for Jessie. Size small. What colours do you currently have? Thanks, Pras
  4. Thanks. I've just made a combined donation. Please do keep me in mind for rehoming, although with there being a (unfortunately) constant stream of new dogs needing a home, I'm flexible about who the eventual new addition might be.
  5. Jessie's still quite new (3 weeks tomorrow) but settling well. I would love her to have a brother/sister but I'm not certain how long I should wait before introducing a new dog. Could probably do with a bit of advice on this. I've been considering Matteo/So Like unless someone else has already offered a home. He's got the same black coat with white toes as Jessie (they could easily pass for siblings) and, based on descriptions here, he seems to have a temperament that's not too dissimilar. They could potentially be a good match but they'd need to meet first. On a side note, I've just submitted the sponsorship form for the Macau hounds and have also previously submitted a membership form. Do I just use the donate button on the website? If so, do I combine the fees/donations or do separate payments?
  6. I know it's early days but is there a very rough idea of how they might be in LTF?
  7. Pras


    Hi. Thank you for all the loving thoughts. Jessie is settling in wonderfully well. I've created a wee post about Jessie in the Newbie section with a few pics.
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