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  1. Can anybody please do a homecheck in Forfar area, DD8? 1 adult, no kids or pets. Message me if you can. Thanks..
  2. Hi Claire, Please could we have a red, size 5 for Ben via second class post? Red will match his lead... and my thick jacket. How do I pay you and arrange postage? Thanks Mary
  3. OK, please could we have a red, size 5 then with second class post? Red will match his lead... and my thick jacket. How do I pay you?
  4. Oh, sorry. Yes please, it's the fleece lined one we're after. He's pretty good on the lead and walks mostly loose lead - unless there's something small and furry in the vicinity - but I'm hoping to try him on the back seat of the car in a harness (recently changed the car and the back seat is wider than the last) and thought this might be the very thing. Might be nicer out walking with his buddies too, one does like to fit in.
  5. Hi, Ben is a greyhound. He's fairly slim at 31.5 kg. He's fairly similar in size to Suzanne's Oscar. Been going walkies with Suzanne, Lisa and Lianne, that's how I first saw the harnesses. I'd like a wide harness please, so 40mm. I tried a thinner one when I first got him and it cut into him under his 'arms'. Round the chest at armpit level he's 28 inches. This is Ben in his best regal pose and having a rest on Oscar. Thanks for your help Mary
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