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  1. I'm OK to make this - just want to check re the more official stuff - many thanks
  2. I'm makinf up an old fashioned sponsor sheet - unless this already exists? Is there any specific info I should include eg re Gift Aid etc thanks
  3. Palacehound


    Had to happen sooner or later! Congratulations Look forward to meeting the lucky boy.
  4. Long time since I did any knitting - and only with my Mum or Granny standing by to correct mistakes!! But I'd like to give this a go
  5. Andrina asked me to post a few photos of her Hamish who came to stay a year ago tomorrow and decided to stay. He is a lovely lad and loves his new life, as you can see. He was one of the Stirling Six and very grateful to SGS for transforming his situation and giving him the care and attention he needed. Happy "Gotcha" day Hamish
  6. Just catching up. Congrats to all!!
  7. Well done, congratulations Clyde and Happy Anniversary too!
  8. Well done Easties - was with you in spirit!!
  9. Congratulations!! Happy new life Roger
  10. Great stuff Well done all!!! It was soooooo chilly, I'm glad it was worthwhile
  11. Hamish is home and feeling very sorry for himself. He's definately abit woozy still so Andrina's staying close by him and giving him extra hugs so it might be a while before she makes it to the comupter so thought I'd put your minds at rest that he's home safe.
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