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  1. Tracey


    Aww, wonderful!
  2. Hi Claire... I can do this one, as I'm in Helensburgh a couple of times a week.
  3. Tracey


    Great to know it's a possibility!
  4. Tracey


    >sigh< Another year gone by and still no hope of our situation changing enough to become hound parents. However, last night I was thinking... does SGS ever have a need for weekend care for hounds? Like maybe if a fosterer needs a break, or is going to be away/busy for a weekend? Because of working full time Mon-Fri, I couldn't own or foster, but am home most weekends and would love to look after a greyhound. We live in Helensburgh, so there would be nice town and beach walks. We could visit a pub on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, so the hound could have a wee bit of exposure to that type of environment. Also, the dog could get practice going up and down stairs, as we live in a 2nd floor flat (that's me trying to turn a negative into a positive, LOL!) I could collect the dog on a Friday night or Saturday morning, and return it on Sunday night. Is this something that could be worthwhile to SGS?
  5. Do you still need someone for this home-check?
  6. Tracey


    Wonderful news!!
  7. Tracey


    awww... lovely news!
  8. Absolutely... I've just passed my phone number to Emma, so will await further instructions!
  9. Hi... just to confirm, I received Vanesa's message yesterday, and I'm more than happy to collect the dog in Dumbarton and look after him for a few hours until the fosters are ready.
  10. Tracey


    So happy for him! (and a bit jealous of his new family... I have a pic of Wayne in a heart-shaped frame/border on my phone!)
  11. Hi Katie... I would be more than happy to look after the dog until the foster family are ready. I live in Helensburgh, which would be massively inconvenient for the people transporting, however I could meet them anywhere in Glasgow at whatever time they specify. (will PM you as well...)
  12. Hi Katie... did the transport get sorted for this? If not, I could do it on Sunday 30/4...is that too late?
  13. I'll be there, with my partner, Howard. Looking forward to helping in any way we can.
  14. I did this on Saturday.
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