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  1. Louise P


    So amazing to see him happy in his home 😊 I did a total double take at first though - he's the spit of our Milo (he had an orange muzzle when we first got him and everything!)
  2. Louise P


    Aww yay! I'm so glad he's found his happy ending and Percy's a lovely new name :-)
  3. Louise P


    So lovely that the gorgeous girl is staying where she is. She's already settling into the north east hound pack, running rings around the boys :
  4. Louise P


    So pleased for lucky Flynn, so glad he found his special home
  5. Louise P


    Yay, so glad for gorgeous Glen 😍
  6. Louise P


    We're so proud of our boy and he really did choose his new family, as soon as he met them you could see it was right I'd like to echo the thanks to everyone involved along the way, from Claire's advice on how best to work with him to Nico's mums (Bryony and Zarene) who helped us teach him to be calm around visitors to the house to Katie and Diane who supported me through the bittersweet moment when your foster flies the nest. Thank you, it really is an extended foster family that goes into getting a dog ready for their forever home. Xx
  7. Louise P

    Mr Bo

    Handsome Milo seems to be settling in really well. He's a gentle (if somewhat slow moving ?) giant and is curious about everything and steals anything he thinks is interesting - fire logs, bubble wrap and a vinegar soaked J-cloth (???) are some of his favourite prizes thus far. We're so lucky that SGS let us take home such gorgeous hounds.
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