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Greyhound Buddy

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  1. Just fitted in so well.
  2. 10-7 Cassie who is now 14 years young
  3. 3-6 Yankee, one of the special boys that rented a room at my kennels.
  4. I can remember the conversation I had with Leigh when I met her in Gateshead. "Do you think you will keep her" I asked? "No as I want to help with foster dogs".🤔. Been there so many times myself. I just class myself as a failure now.
  5. Such a beautiful girl inside and out. Well done x
  6. Here she is, still shy but not when her best friend Beth is by her side.
  7. Such a gorgeous girl who has finally found her family. x
  8. Well done Rocky, knew it would not be too long for your family to find you. x
  9. What a journey you have had Buzz in your short life. Last minute ask for you to come over to UK from southern Ireland and of course SGS said yes. So pleased you have found your family. x
  10. Way to go Barney. Such a gentle boy who has finally founds his family. x
  11. Miss Lottie you are a star.
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