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    Sex: - Female Age: - 10/2/2018Breed: -Greyhound Colour: - Brindle/White This lovely lass went into her foster home over the Christmas holidays and never left! Her new family decided that Rita fit in just right with their 2 lurcher ladies that they decided to join the failed foster club! Rita loves her walks and beach runs with her new sisters, and she also likes to sneak on to her new mum's bed for a snooze. She is slowly learning the rules on what she should and shouldn't play with while her mum is out - candle holders and CD's aren't allowed - but fluffy ducks are fine! Be happy with your new family gorgeous girl!
  2. Sex: - Female Age: - November 2017Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Fawn brindle Gorgeous girl Stevie found her forever home just before Christmas after a couple of weeks in foster, where she learned her manners with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, discovered how to play with toys, and that the sofa is an excellent place for snoozing! She now lives with Poppy and Harvey her hound brother and sister, and she also has some human siblings to play with too! Thanks to everyone who helped Stevie on her journey from Yorkshire to her new home and family in Scotland.
  3. Sex: - Male DOB 21/4/15 Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Black with a dark brindle Children: - ok Cats: - no House trained: yes Spayed/neutered: - yes If you have room in your home and your hearts for Mac please visit our website https://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org where you can complete an online application form or you can email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335 Mac has been in foster for a few months now and here's what his foster mum has to say about him: Mac is a beautiful dark brindle boy who's coat shines like marmalade in the sun. A glossy boy with white markings underneath his paws and a big white stripe from underneath his chin to his tummy. He's a tall boy with lots of bounce and affection, loves to play games and will chase a ball and invite you to play with it. He's clever, funny and eager to please. He loves people and can't understand why everyone does not want to speak to him. He's been fine with children he's met. He walks perfectly on his lead, enjoys car travel and is super clean in the house. He would be best as an only dog or with a confident, assured dog friend. Mac is an ex racer so before rescue he probably hadn't had much exposure to other shapes and sizes of dogs! He is, therefore, reactive to dogs, especially when they are off lead. Any one wishing to adopt him will need experience of this and be willing to continue with his training. Tends to be better with dogs that are smaller than a spaniel. A very happy dog in his home and can be left for a few hours peacefully sleeping on his sofa. Mac is ready for his forever home now, and is currently staying in Dumfermline area.
  4. Just popping this here for info. Bryony, Zarene, Nico, Naga, Seamus, and Kieran (3 humans, 3 hounds) for the early slot @ClaireB
  5. LJDaberdeen


    Ah lovely! A very "Mary" Christmas for this wee one
  6. This handsome lad is 8 year old Buddy. Buddy is looking for a new home through no fault of his own, but due to some sad family circumstances. Buddy is fine to be left on his own for a few hours during the day. His current routine is a short walk in the morning, a longer walk at lunch time and a short walk again in the evening. He walks very well on the lead as long as he hasn't found something he wants to eat on the ground! Buddy loves going in the car, is fine around most dogs and currently puts up with the Grandparents having very grumpy older dogs without any issues. Although he doesn't live with a cat currently he seems to be quite well behaved around them! He does have some issues around resource guarding high value food but as long as you know what you are looking out for this is very easily managed. He sleeps on a dog bed upstairs and likes to sleep as close to his humans as possible. He would prefer a home with a grassy garden to play in. He loves anything soft that squeaks but generally is very chilled out. We would like him to be homed with either no children or older children as he does like his own space in the house. If you think you can give Buddy a home please get in touch. We will put any potential adopters in touch with his current family and arrange some meet ups to ensure he's the right hound for his new family.
  7. Age: - 2.5 (6/2/17) Breed: - greyhound Colour: -black Children: - not yet assessed Cats: - not yet assessed Small dogs: - not yet assessed Large dogs: - not yet assessed Housetrained: - so far so good! Neutered: - very soon! This handsome lad is Prince, he recently came into our care and has been in foster home up in the Highlands for less than a week. He's settled really well in the house, learning the ropes from his foster sister Seren. He can be left for a few hours with no issue, and has just started playing with toys! Out and about he's a big timid lad, so his foster folks are taking things very slowly. He doesn't like busy, noisy areas. It's a lot to take in and very different environment to what he is used to so will take him time to grow in confidence outside. His foster family are working on him taking treats from their hand so they can use this to help him learn that outside is not such a scary place!
  8. This lovely girl came into SGS's care a few months ago, through no fault of her own. She was in foster for a few months while we looked into some health issues. She had a great time in her foster home, especially playing with her foster brother Towser who is also just a young pup! She was finally rehomed recently to a lovely family and she is getting on just fine. She has a now got a big sister called Patch, and an older greyhound brother called Nero, who are getting used to having a young playful pup around the house. She also has a fab new name Stiallach (gaelic for stripey) which quite suits her! We would like to say a special thanks to Gillian for taking her in when she needed it, for helping get to the bottom of her health problems. She spent a few months there while she began her new exercise regime to strengthen her hip so I'm sure she was a very difficult one to let go! Be happy in your new home Stiallach, and try not to annoy your new brother and sister too much with your puppy antics!
  9. SGS are delighted to have been gifted these beautiful greyhound sculptures to help raise funds for our homeless hounds! 🎄Raffle tickets can now be bought via the donate button on our website 🎄 (Paypal - info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com) for £5 each! 🎁The lucky winner will be drawn on Sunday 8th December at the Christmas Show!🎁 http://www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.org/ When you are using Paypal please remember to add a note with the following details, so we can contact you with your confirmation and raffle ticket number(s)! Reference: greyhound sculpture raffle Name: Phone number: Email address: Town/City: The winning ticket will be drawn on the 8th December at our Christmas show, but do not worry if you cannot attend - we will contact you and make arrangements for delivery after the show! Please note we are only able to arrange delivery to within the UK. If you do not use paypal and would like to make alternative arrangements to pay, ping us a message on facebook or email us info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com For further information on the sculptures such as weight, dimensions etc, ping us a message!
  10. Hello lovely volunteers! Wondering if anyone in the Edinburgh area would be interesting in organising SGS walks for us in the future? It's not a huge committment - once every few months, more if you feel like it - choose a suitable location for most abilities and a date and time and we'll create the event for you. Give us a shout if it's something you would be keen to get involved in!
  11. LJDaberdeen


    Blue beauty Gabby wasn't in foster long before she was snapped up by her mum. She want to meet Gabby one weekend with her potential new brother Tigger and the two got on so well that her new mum had to take her home there and then. Gabby has settled in really well, she's getting cuddly with her new big brother, loves all her new toys and is keeping her new family entertained with her counter surfing antics! I'm sure you can see from the photos what a happy, cheeky girl she is! Thanks as always to Michelle who kept Gabby safe until we got a foster space for her, and of course to her foster dad who didn't have her quite as long as he expected!
  12. This lovely older girly has been in the care of SGS for over a year now, her foster family have worked so hard with her to help her adjust into home life, having previously lived a lot of her life before outdoors. When it came down to thinking about getting her to her forever home though, they realised they couldn't actually let her go (with a little persuasion from their Grandson who is just crazy about Minnie 🥰). So lucky girl Minnie actually had her forever home over a year ago, just that nobody knew it yet. The whole team are over the moon with this homing, it's not been an easy road for this girl and her foster family so we are delighted that she doesn't have to move on! We love a failed foster story at SGS!!!
  13. 2 - 25 a collection of handsome boys - Linden, Jude, Snipe, Oscar and Ben 2 - 26 Luath 2 - 27 Luath
  14. 6 - 21 Izzy 6 - 22 Izzy 6 - 23 Izzy 6 - 24 Izzy 6 - 25 Izzy
  15. 1 - 9 Autumn Izzy 1 - 10 Izzy on top of Scolty Hill 1 - 11 Izzy in her jammies
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