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  1. Ianandjudith


    Oh gorgeous Juno be very happy in your new forever home - and just enjoy the cheese (erm while it lasts...)
  2. Enjoy all the 'soft surfaces' in your forever home, Reggie. I'm sure you deserve them
  3. Have a bright future Star, with your new family and a human brother to look after you and give you cuddles! 🥰
  4. What a gorgeous boy! No need to be timid now, Harvey - just sit back and relax, and you'll be safe and loved forever
  5. Yep of course I'll do it 😁 I'm used to both WhatsApp and Skype, so no problems there. Have only done one face to face homecheck before (Peter and Antony for Wren and poor Oscar) and haven't yet downloaded the forms so I'll do that shortly. Erm....... we're just off to Berneray for a week, and from Derbyshire it takes us two days, so won't be able to do any till the end of the week, but I can always call people to arrange so they feel something's happening? May get back to you with daft questions after I've looked at the forms and had a teeny panic 😜 Bring it on xx
  6. Ooooooh Peggy Sue - great name and what a brave and beautiful girl to come so calm and friendly up to a lovely big heavy horse (Clydesdale?) May you have many happy years with your new family. Glad to see you've found the bed, too 😘
  7. And she does look like she's having a sweet dream in her happy forever home in that last pic. What a lovely girl 😍
  8. Happy new home, and new life, lovely Leah! 😘
  9. What a beautiful, sweet faced boy you are Frankie. May you be very happy in your forever home, with your elderly friend Maggie, roaching like you've lived there all your life
  10. Way to go, Marla! Hope you and Seren create lots of mess together, and enjoy that big sofa. You are both very beautiful (love those ears, Marla 🥰)
  11. Ianandjudith


    Way to go, Chase! Happy new home and may you have many happy and healthy years on the sofa.now you've found it
  12. Happy new home, handsome Ed 😍
  13. Oh Loki, you gorgeous boy...... happy new home
  14. Happy new home, pretty Ruby. Make sure you find the sofa soon 🥰
  15. Oooooooh bless the pair of them! We wish you both health and happiness together for many years in your forever home. Thank you Michelle for making it possible for Bailey to turn back from a wee stressful boy to a fun dog who's still a pup at heart. And have fun with him, Juniper 😍
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