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  1. Hi Claire A big thank you - Charlie's smart black coat arrived today and it fits perfectly. It'll see plenty of wear when we go up to Berneray next week, so I'd better set to and sew on the elastic loops to hold it down over his bum in the usual island gale.! Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year break from racing round after all of us - you deserve it! 😇
  2. So sorry Claire Just realised I hadn't actually said thank you! I am - and Charlie will be - very grateful for your brilliant efficiency
  3. Yeah - still haven't managed to sell this house 😪 Looks as though Rachel and Neil will move before we do. Maddening! Thought the address would come up on the Paypal thingy - sorry
  4. Hiya Claire Is a blizzard coat the same as a lined winter coat, please, because Charlie's is beginning to fray at the edges? I've measured his current one and it's 32" from collar to tail. Happy with red, blue or black - currently has blue. Have Paypalled £30 for coat, postage, £10 homeless dog coat, donation of small change Thank you (sorry you'll be fed up with the post office at this time of year)
  5. Hiya Sally

    Did the collar arrive OK?

    How's Monty doing now? These things take forever to heal, don't they 😖

    1. salrosblue


      Hi yes it arrived thank you. We haven't used it yet as both very busy- will put it on him tonight-  hopefully it will stop him nibbling xx

  6. Oh look at Skye's ears in that first picture 😍❤️
  7. Having set this particular hound running , I feel I should do something! If I draft a flyer specifically for the Canidrome dogs for the committee to approve, could we hold it on the site as a PDF (or something - I'm a Luddite!) so people could print it off and take into their local vet, pet shops etc? I'll try to persuade our vets to hold donations for me to pick up. Would it be legal not to have proper collecting tins, just, for example, bigger plastic yogurt tubs with a slot in the top, which people could make themselves? Suzanne, should I pm you or someone else about this?
  8. Sounds like a brilliant idea, and the last thing I want to do is be unappreciative, but as a member of the Southern (English) branch, I'd love to think of something I can be part of too All views welcome, but Debs and Peter, any brilliant sparks?
  9. Ooooh the poor beasts - I'm so proud that SGS can be involved in such crucial support. Please keep us informed about when they will arrive and we'll whack in an extra donation specifically for these hounds. Wonder whether we could do something special in the way of money raising - I'll give this some thought
  10. More than 90 reasons to be happy that 2016 was a successful year! I wish we lived nearer so we could be more involved, but meanwhile we're grateful for all the magnificent volunteers who tirelessly home check, transport, foster, street collect, swap (and sell) crates/beds/coats/collars, make up calendars and videos, organise festivities; who freely give really useful, down to earth advice and reassure when we feel at a loss : thank you all. Jura and Charlie send 2017 greetings to all the other lucky hounds who now have forever homes
  11. Oooooh I'm blushing now: it's the only way I know to thank all the people whom I feel are my friends in SGS. I've learned so much in the last year and had so much help and support: can't wait for Jura's first gotcha next month. I posted earlier - but in the wrong place - to say thank you for the beautiful martingale collar with butterflies, which also came to me without having to pay postage. Jura looks really spiffy in it, so it lives on her short lead (for quick pee stops) with another on her long walking lead. Thank you to , I think , Caroline for the gift. And thank you to Jax for the chat and the hairy badger
  12. Don't know where to put this but the butterflies collar arrived today and Jura's been proudly showing it off! Thank you Caroline for the donation of the collar, and to whoever posted it for swift action
  13. PS really smug to have - under instruction - used Paypal for the first time
  14. Transaction number 60W09909505459012 Paid £35.50 (£10 extra to cover the greyhound toy that Jax and I came to an agreement about!)
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