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  1. Happy new home Mabel - may you have many years to enjoy it 😘
  2. Ianandjudith


    Fabulous pics - thank you! Looks like nothing will be out of Cleo's range, then - no 'hiding' treats on top of bookshelves...... She looks like she will be enormous fun to have around. Fortunately her eight new brothers and sisters should be able to teach her the ropes (and keep her in line!) Be happy, gorgeous girl 🥰
  3. What an absolute stoater 🥰 (not that I'm biased in favour of brindle lurchers, you understand ) Be happy Goose, and keep up the good work in your forever home. Found the sofa yet?
  4. Ianandjudith


    Well, it's taken a while but happy new home, Baba. May you have many years to enjoy the sofa! Pete, you must have done a magnificent job. helping Markus turn into Baba
  5. Ianandjudith


    Happy new home, Bungalow Betty 🥰 May you have many happy years there with your new Mum. You look very comfortable already.
  6. What a wee whiskery sweetheart 😍 Be happy Daisy in your new life - and keep Pongo looking after you well!
  7. Ianandjudith


    Happy new home, Maze You are a gorgeous boy and deserve a family to make you happy, so you lose that wistful look.
  8. Ianandjudith


    She looks so smart! BTW Keir - glad your wait is over! Happy happy Christmas
  9. Ianandjudith


    What a lovely Christmas story! Happy new home, Belle, and may you enjoy a long and healthy life in your forever home, especially if you always remember not to mess with Enzo 😍
  10. Hi Claire A big thank you - Charlie's smart black coat arrived today and it fits perfectly. It'll see plenty of wear when we go up to Berneray next week, so I'd better set to and sew on the elastic loops to hold it down over his bum in the usual island gale.! Hope you have a peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year break from racing round after all of us - you deserve it! 😇
  11. And a deerhound sized thank you to the whole SGS team - you do a magnificent job for us and our beloved hounds. We celebrate your kindness and wisdom, but especially your sheer hard work 😇🥰 🥂🚀🙌🙌
  12. Well done to those who turned up and froze! Such a great total, when everyone in town has their head down trying to scurry past. Glad Luath was such a great attraction, and I'm sure the other hounds got their share of attention. Humans also attended!
  13. So sorry Claire Just realised I hadn't actually said thank you! I am - and Charlie will be - very grateful for your brilliant efficiency
  14. Yeah - still haven't managed to sell this house 😪 Looks as though Rachel and Neil will move before we do. Maddening! Thought the address would come up on the Paypal thingy - sorry
  15. Hiya Claire Is a blizzard coat the same as a lined winter coat, please, because Charlie's is beginning to fray at the edges? I've measured his current one and it's 32" from collar to tail. Happy with red, blue or black - currently has blue. Have Paypalled £30 for coat, postage, £10 homeless dog coat, donation of small change Thank you (sorry you'll be fed up with the post office at this time of year)
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