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  1. Hi Claire, Thank you Claire. I think it would be the fleece-lined harness, if that would be strong enough for her. She only pulls occasionally to get to a particularly interesting smell or a passer-by's shopping bag. She's also quite wee for a greyhound, so would the fleece-lined one be adjustable for her wee size? Cheers, Fiona
  2. Hello Claire, I'd like to buy a new harness for Maisie. When is your next walk in the Glasgow area so we can come along and get Maisie measured up? Many thanks, Fiona
  3. That's great :-) Looking forward to it :-)
  4. Hi, I could do this one. I haven't done a home check before but would be happy to do it if someone could go through with me what needs to be done in one. Cheers, Fiona
  5. Hi Suzanne, Maisie and I can do this one - we are in G71! We haven't done one before but it would be great experience for us if someone could take us through what to do? Thanks, Fiona
  6. This is amazing...am crying watching this...I love my wee Maisie so much. Thank you SGS folk for all your hard work xx
  7. Hi, I could do this one if its over the next couple of weeks?
  8. Hi there, I'd love to help with this - where in Edinburgh will this be?
  9. Fiona2


    A gorgeous boy indeed. Wishing you all the happiness in the world Jacko. Your new name suits you so well Arthur - a handsome name for a handsome boy xx
  10. Aww, Diego - you are a lucky boy and very handsome indeed. I bet not much gets by those ears without being heard, especially the opening of food cupboards and fridge doors xx
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