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  1. Hi Claire, Thank you Claire. I think it would be the fleece-lined harness, if that would be strong enough for her. She only pulls occasionally to get to a particularly interesting smell or a passer-by's shopping bag. She's also quite wee for a greyhound, so would the fleece-lined one be adjustable for her wee size? Cheers, Fiona
  2. Hello Claire, I'd like to buy a new harness for Maisie. When is your next walk in the Glasgow area so we can come along and get Maisie measured up? Many thanks, Fiona
  3. Fiona2


    What a gorgeous girl...she looks very like my Maisie, especially the roaching! Be happy Jazz!
  4. Hello, Maisie and I would like to help. I haven't had any spare money to donate to SGS since Maisie came to live with me, due to full time study at uni and temp work which only covered our basic living expenses, so we'd love to help to give something back to SGS for the great work you all do. A morning slot would be best for us. Cheers, Fiona and Maisie
  5. Fiona2


    Beautiful dogs...how content they look
  6. Hello all, haven't been on the forum for a wee while due to work and uni. Really sorry to read this and hope everyone involved is ok. As someone who has done home visits as part of clinical placements at uni, I'd say always go with another person and always let someone else know all the details of where you are going, who you are meeting, their address and phone number, and the times of visit, etc. Also, always trust your gut instinct - if it doesn't feel right, don't put yourself and others at risk - and if you are concerned about anyone in the home (people or animals), contact the police wit
  7. Really sorry - Maisie and I are not going to be able to make it now due to uni assignment which I have an extension for. We will try to make it for the Christmas one though. Sorry again xx
  8. Hi Claire, Maisie and I could do the 11am-1pm slot.
  9. Fiona2


    He is lovely and looks so happy on the beach
  10. Fiona2


    Happy new home Cullin, handsome boy!
  11. Fiona2


    Aww Dave, so happy for you, beautiful boy.
  12. Fiona2


    P.S. You are a stunning looking boy with those lovely ears
  13. Fiona2


    I hope you have a lovely home now Toddy and enjoy a settled life with your new family x
  14. This is amazing...am crying watching this...I love my wee Maisie so much. Thank you SGS folk for all your hard work xx
  15. Hee hee, what a character. Be happy Queenie lovely girl x
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