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  1. Chas

    Calm dogs help needed

    Hi, I’m sure Jem could help out here... she is calm and loves the company of other hounds. We’re not far from Ratho. Hppe we can help... Chas.
  2. Chas

    Crate transport

    I'll be heading in to Edinburgh on Thursday if that helps? Chas.
  3. I could this one... Chas.
  4. Hi, I could do this one... Chas.
  5. Hi Lorri, Has this one been done? Chas.
  6. Hi Lorri, I could do this one... Chas.
  7. Yes, that's fine. Can you ask Martin to contact me on 07715 540985 please. Also I'll take a contact number for the kennels if you have it. thanks Chas.
  8. I could do this one.... Chas.
  9. Chas


    Great news, be happy Charlie boy!
  10. Hi Katie, We could take her overnight. Obviously, we've got the cat, but if it helps we could sort something out; me and the foster banished to the spare room again!! Chas.
  11. Hi Suzanne, i can do this one. Chas.
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