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  1. Gilligan


    He is gorgeous! Good luck Billy ❤️
  2. Aw that's amazing! Was a wee bit blurry eyed watching too- esp sitting looking at Spot sprawled out on the rug in front of me, so cosy and happy! Can't imagine what my boy was doing this time last year ❤️
  3. Gilligan


    Lloyd and Cooper are gorgeous! So much like Spot they could be brothers! Yeah I've had lots of lovely compliments about my boys - Spot likes a 'lean in' and a cuddle from anyone who will oblige - still trying to convince him to come up for a cuddle on the sofa - Gilly is probably quite glad he's not having to share his cuddles just yet! Claire x
  4. Gilligan


    Sorry for upside down pictures- not sure how to fix them!
  5. Gilligan


    Spot is settling in really well! We have all completely fallen for him- Gilly seems to be really happy with his new little (big) brother, have even caught them sharing the duvet! They are hilarious when walking together- Spot always on the left, Gilly on the right- should really have called them Ant and Dec! Will keep everyone updated on progress xx [ attachment=10337:image.jpg]
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