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  1. Jenmill


    Happy FF Magic ! Enjoy your forever home ,great news .xx
  2. Thank you Jax ,loving the montage of our beautiful houndies x
  3. Jenmill


    Greyt News ! Be happy Joe xx
  4. I will be there with Molly for a couple of hours x
  5. Jenmill


    So very sorry for your loss ....Run free sweet girl xxx
  6. Jenmill


    Happy forever home Bradie xx
  7. Great news for Kasper and his new family .Thank you for opening up your heart and home for this lovely boy xx
  8. Hi , Is this wee girl going to foster at Errol ?( Apologies if I'm getting in the mix and confusing things) .But if needed I can transport her to Errol tomorrow I'm going to Dundee to do a home check Fiona x
  9. Fantastic news!! be happy xx
  10. Jenmill


    Be happy sweet boy xx
  11. Hi Jax ,when do you want this done ,could do it at weekend ? Fiona xx
  12. Jenmill


    Well done Buzz ,you have landed on all 4 paws .xx
  13. Jenmill


    Well done Phoebe ! xx
  14. Hi , Myself and Molly will be there . Fiona xx
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