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  1. Below you will find a list of all entries for each category on a quick reference sheet - to save you flicking back and forward through posts. You can download this as an aide memoir if it helps 😊 homelesshounds.docx water.docx festive.docx golden oldies.docx action.docx Anything goes.docx Blacks.docx biggest smile.docx flowerpower.docx Girls.docx lovelies.docx handsomeboys.docx
  2. Thanks everyone for entering your amazing photos in the 2020 K9 Factor! Now it's time to choose our stars... This is how voting will work - Pick 5 favourite photos from each category and rank them in order of preference, e.g. 1st – [photo number] 2nd – [photo number]3rd - [photo number]4th – [photo number]5th – [photo number] Please do not vote for your own dog photos! When you have compiled your votes please send them to k9factor@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com The winners for each category will be announced as soon as possible after voting ends on Friday 25th September at
  3. Any stragglers who haven't had a chance to post their pics do so now!!! Once voting instructions have been posted the competition is closed
  4. Ah, I think your phone saves them as HEIC or something, there's a way to change it I think but I can't remember how!
  5. Thanks Jane, I would have copied them over but been snowed under, and I thought you'd done it 🙈. We'll wait until yours are on before closing the competition, it should be easy enough to upload them direct 😊
  6. You photos went on so you don't need to email them 😊
  7. Please remember to pay your entry donation folks... prices above SGS has been hit hard with the lack of fundraising opportunities this year, so every penny counts!
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