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  1. Jax

    Final scores

    Glad you enjoyed it. So sorry about Shay x
  2. Jax

    Final scores

    @EmmaMac had the favourite team name - The good the bad and the dugley!
  3. Jax

    Final scores

    It was very close, well done all! We're now deciding the best team name...
  4. Jax

    Final scores

    Thank you all for participating in our online quiz! The final scores are Fonzie’s Fam 39 Monty’s Minions 34 Finn & Abbie 29 SCarter Brains 28 Aw, Dash 47 Love Hounds 34 Alpha Wolf 48 Dugless Walkers 32 Loveable Lurchers 27 Good Bad and Dugly 31 Grey Matter 33 Couch Potatoes 37 The Lurchers 31 Congratulations Alpha Wolf!!!
  5. @Anne Trew @Sally McLean
  6. Still waiting on a couple of answers....
  7. Ok folks...the scores are being counted and will be announced in a moment
  8. All answers now please...
  9. @Anne Trew we can't see your round 1 answers, did you post them?
  10. Five minutes.... GO
  11. Scores at the end, round 5 is up now
  12. Final round! Good luck everyone, we'll announce the scores once all answers are in general dog.mp4
  13. Times up, answers now please
  14. 5 mins, or maybe a touch longer while @Alva makes sure Colm is ok after fireworks going off
  15. Round 4 is up!
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