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  1. Two adults and two kids, 4 and 9, no other furries. If anyone can help please let us know 😁
  2. Your membership isn't due until March . I'll send you a reminder at the time.
  3. Jax


    Lovely news for bonzo. His new sister is a total sweetheart ❤️
  4. Jax


    This sweet girl is now in a foster home and is getting on great with her foster brothers and sisters, including a cat!!! She's learned to roach on the sofa so we know she's a fast learner!
  5. Jax


    Lucky boy Myles has just gone into a foster home. We're looking forward to getting to know him better 😊
  6. Jax


    This gorgeous girl didn’t make it to the homeless page ☺️. She was so easy going to begin with we knew she’d fly out the door. As chance would have it there was a big hound shaped hole just waiting to be filled. A family who previously adopted from SGS had lost their beloved Ivy, and their other hound Pele was pining for doggy company. After just a few short weeks in her foster home, Zola met Pele and went home ❤️ to live happily ever after. Thank you to Michelle who took lovely Zola in and Eleanor for fostering her. Thanks also to everyone who helped with transport
  7. Fantastic! Well done to all the winners, the calendar is going to be fabulous next year 😁
  8. Voting has ended! winners will b announced tomorrow 😃
  9. Jax


    Brilliant news for the old lad 😁
  10. Fantastic, thank you. It’s amazing how it all adds up.
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