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  1. Oh no - sorry I missed it - love quizzes even though Iā€™m useless at them.
  2. Possibly around 2:50 - my toes had frozen in around 10 mins! Luath was so cuddly and friendly and wanted to make friends with everyone - I wanted to keep him! He surprised one lady who was walking past trying to mind her own business by heading straight over and going in for a lean - she didn't know what to make of it! He was suddenly there trying to lean on her legs šŸ˜. He's going to make someone extremely happy - and did you see his treat catching tricks? I'm quite smitten!
  3. Oh my word it was cold - but met lovely hounds and humans - especially the gorgeous Luath - if we didn't have Finn and Abbie I would have wanted to take him home. Sorry to have missed you @Alva
  4. I accidentally pasted the same one twice
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