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  1. Great news Princess Brianna ...erm.. I mean your highness
  2. CosmicClare


    Lovely news We have a saluki soft spot here!
  3. CosmicClare


    Lovely news! They look so comfy together.
  4. CosmicClare


    She could be Sesame's double in the roaching photo! What a gorgeous lucky girl. Congratulations
  5. I'll try and reactivate myself. Love those pj's! Frozen shoulder = no knitting but I can still look and dream about it.
  6. I can't commit due to the train being very unreliable on the return leg in winter but can play it by ear and put us down as a 'maybe'. If the weather allows it gets in at 2.30pm.
  7. CosmicClare


    Great news for Kasper
  8. Sorry we can't come but can try and get some things together for the raffle/tombola - where should I send them?
  9. I knew You Were Waiting For me - George Michael and Aretha Franklin
  10. Hi really sorry everyone but I'm going to cancel for Saturday, I dont trust the train to get us back with the weather warning etc. Hope it goes well and maybe next time.
  11. Blimey that's great. Well done humans and hounds
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