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  1. Thank you all and Merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽπŸŽ„
  2. I would have liked to have seen/met Luath πŸ’• Do we have a total yet? X
  3. Oh Jax was looking forward to seeing you- next time x
  4. Wrap yourselves and hounds up warm and dry today for the Edinburgh can collection folks.
  5. Oh really- that was so busy when we were there before- people couldn't see us or stop easily. Is that the agreed spot?
  6. Hiya Sally

    Did the collar arrive OK?

    How's Monty doing now? These things take forever to heal, don't theyΒ πŸ˜–

    1. salrosblue


      Hi yes it arrived thank you. We haven't used it yet as both very busy- will put it on him tonight-Β  hopefully it will stop him nibbling xx

  7. Yes working. Be good to get an update after a home check
  8. That's great- didn't seem that busy. πŸŽ‰
  9. What was the total- didn't see it? πŸ˜„
  10. Yes know what time I am on- just wondered who to look out for
  11. Is there a rota- who has the banner and collecting buckets? Sally
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