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  1. That's great I'm glad. Sorry for the lateness
  2. Hi Roseann, oh no I will find the posting receipt and see if I can track it.
  3. Thanks I'll.pop those in the rota in the team bit too 😁👍
  4. It's very similar but not the exact same
  5. Hi Damien, I can do you blue, black, red or silver/grey in that size
  6. No worries Jan, maybe we will have better luck next time 👍
  7. That's fine, it did come up on the PayPal but just making double sure
  8. Hi Judith, No problem i have a nice black one all packaged up and ready to go. Just to check your address is still in Derbyshire yeh?
  9. Sure thing, I'll post that today. Pretty Berry pink
  10. Sure thing Rebecca, will post tomorrow
  11. Hi Roseann, I have red, blue, black, pink or grey in that suze
  12. Remember to sign up folks, the more people we have the more money we raise for the coming year. And remember that our efforts are already halved due to us not being granted a permit for Glasgow and Dundee this year so its even more important to get as many people as possible to come along.
  13. We will be having out most northerly event of the year in Inverness on Saturday the 21st of December. This is one of only 2 fund-raising can collections we will be having this Christmas due to Glasgow and Dundee city councils being unable to give us a suitable date. This makes it imperative that as many folk as possible turn out to shake a can in aid if the hounds we help. We will have 2 slots of 2 hours each one from 12noon to 2pm and one from 2pm to 4pm (please note that these ay be subject to change depending on numbers) We will meet at the steps at the RBS as we did last time. All are welcome hound or not, and fancy dress is defiantly encouraged to draw in the support from passers by. If you have some time to spare then please post below, email us or send me a PM with your preferred slot.
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