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  1. ClaireB

    Final scores

    YAY!!!!! 3rd place for Fonzie on his birthday!! Thank you Jax and Gill for all your hard work
  2. Fonzies Fam 1. Linlithgow 2. Obama 3. Nipper 4. Skye Terrier 5. "and get in the fast lane" 6. Huddersfield 7. Pickles 8. Buddy 9. South Africa 10. Buddhism
  3. Fonzies Fam 1. you're staying alive, staying alive 2. Looking out for a place to go 3. theres nothing i can do, total eclipse of the heart 4. I wanna dance with somebody 5. the love shack is a little old place 6. Pass (Nirvana) 7. and i will always love you 8. Pass 9. his shirt stained with his mums spaghetti 10. Pass
  4. Yup 😂 all visable now though
  5. Just Fyi folks we are hiding everyones answers as its not posting time yet so your post may not be visible to you but its there
  6. Fonzies Fam 1. Toto 2. Shep 3. Beethoven 4. Nana 5. Rintintin 6. Hooch 7. Marley 8. Bullseye 9. Gromit 10. Sparky
  7. Wrong thread Stephie
  8. Yeh just go to unread contact and you'll see it
  9. ClaireB

    Round 2 - Animated Dogs

    Fonzies Fam 1. Mutley 2. Odie 3. Snowy 4. Scrappy Doo 5. Pongo 6. Cliford the big red dog 7. Butch 8. Dogtanian 9. Rolf 10. Brian
  10. Fonzies Family 1. 2003 2. Yellow / Red / black 3. Priscila 4. Zn 5. Risotto (rice) 6. The little dog 7. 4 8. Saturday Kitchen 9. Reg Dwhight 10. Ornathology
  11. Team Fonzie's Family are ready
  12. @Jax do we put our answers here?
  13. This year SGS has decided to go for a Spring show rather than a summer one just to mix things up a little 😁 Venue: Cochrane Hall, West Stirling Street, Alva, FK12 5LJ - https://www.clacks.gov.uk/culture/cochranehall/ Date: Sunday the 19th April, 12noon to 3.30pm We will have our usual fun dog show with a category to suit everyone, the SGS Merchandise stall where you can get all your hounds kitted out for the coming season, some lovely catering and refreshments, Tombola and super duper Raffle as well as many other stalls yet to be announced. Entry is £4 on the door and kids go free! The dog show categories will be, in particular order, Handsome Boys, Gorgeous Girls, Beautiful Blacks, Golden Oldies, Juniors Handler, Fancy Dress and Best dog/human Team with the winners all being entered into the best in show. Fabulous prizes to be won. We will be serving refreshments and would ask that everyone bring their own reusable cup for coffee/tea and bottles for water in an effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
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