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  1. Gnasher


    Melia has now turned 4 and we've been her carers for a year and a half now. She is an amazing dug. As you can see from the photos she is fit, happy, and is a joy to be around. She loves to play with other dogs and has such a calmness when meeting certain dogs that can be temperamental that you never have to worry when out walking. Her recall is superb too. I'm running out of superlatives so i'm just going to stop and say thanks Melia for making our life complete.
  2. Thought i'd post a few more photos of Melia. It's 6 months since she came into our lives and she is an absolute joy. She is off lead pretty much all the time and is really responsive to the whistle. Loves to play with other dogs. Loves to meet people. Loves life. This is Melia on the beach with her playpal Maisie.
  3. Thanks for that, don't know if i'll be using the long lead again though. To be honest, i think they are a bit dangerous. Melia still has a lot to learn about recall. She's great if there are no distractions but when she clocks a distant dug or furry thing she is off like a rocket. Last weekend she spied a spaniel running around and did a leap of faith into a river, scrambled up the opposite bank and flew over to "play" with the dog. To be honest although she isn't aggressive i think it's too intimidating so i'm going to be ultra careful where she gets off lead.
  4. Melia has settled in to domestic life brilliantly. She's been with us for seven weeks now and is part of the family now. Our vet gave her a health check 6 weeks ago and she is in perfect condition, her weight is up 2 kilos and as you can see from the photos she is a magnificent specimen of greyhoundness. Her personality is coming out too, she loves to play and is very cheeky. Downside of her playfulness is that our garden has turned into a field. She is still lead walked most of the time but gets to run in Nora's paddock a few times a week which is great as it gets rid of her energy. Three weeks ago we decided to start off lead training on a beach we know locally that is always quiet. We borrowed a long training lead and tried her recall to a dog whistle. Unfortunately the first attempt didn't go to plan. A lady appeared with a dog just as i whistled and she run right past me heading for the dog. Luckily she was wearing her harness, unluckily she is one powerful hound, and jerked me clean off my feet when she got to the end of the lead and i had to let go as i was upside down in the sand. Next thing the woman has the dog ( not sure what breed, a wee hairy dug) is her arms and Melia is jumping up exuberantly but not aggressively. The woman was fine and we carried on, eventually finding a quiet spot to resume training, ditching the lead and using her favourite ball. It went perfectly and she loves her grub so treat training makes it easy. I've let her off lead a few times since but never with other dogs around to distract. Today on the beach i let her off from the start but with her muzzle on, taking it off occasionally for her to play with her ball. She spotted a couple in the distance with two young black labs playing in the river outlet and shot off in their direction at a rate of knots, strangely, mid run, becoming stone deaf as i blew the life out of my whistle. I needn't have worried as she slammed on the brakes and suddenly became their best buddies, running around like dafties. It was good to see her playing so naturally with other dogs and getting to run free. I can see good times ahead. The training will continue in increments and i have no doubt that within another month or two she will be off lead with Desmo as she a smart cookie is Melia. Hope you enjoy the photos
  5. Gnasher


    Melia is loving the snow. She's daft as a brush.
  6. Gnasher


    Melia has been a joy. One week today and it seems like she was destined to be with us. She has given Desmo a new spark and has ticked a lot of boxes already. Great in the car, eats well , unaffected by gunfire ( lots of arseholes with shotguns round here), walking last night (on lead) and 5 deer ran across the path ahead, she stared at them but didn't tug on the lead. That's a good sign. Was down at Nora's earlier and let her give in the beans in the paddock, she loved it and responded well to the whistle, lots of praise and treats and she loves her squeaky ball. She gets on with everyone and likes to snuggle in to Desmo, he likes that. Thanks to all the team at SGS for making our home complete again. PS. We planned to get both of them to sleep downstairs and fitted a dog gate to the stairs. This lasted one night. They wouldn't settle and neither could we. They are now sleeping in our bedroom, Desmo on the bed and Melia in her cosy bed with a blanket over her. She must think she's a budgie cos there's not a peep all night.
  7. Thanks for that, i was gonna go to the big pet shop at Straiton but after reading this i spent my dosh at Acorn in Musselburgh. Spent a fortune on toys that will be ripped to pieces within hours.
  8. Well that you sorted now Dove, so you can tell us all about yourselfs in the Newbies section. Nora

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