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  1. Oh I remember Mac. I collected him from his original owners, they were devastated in having to part with him, the husband was a gamekeeper and Mac always went with him, so yes he does have a high prey drive. I know he is a very loving boy. I'm so happy that he is finally going to have his forever home, be happy Mac.
  2. Thanks for that. will get it printed out now🙂
  3. Could someone please provide me a link for an up to date Home check form please.
  4. Has this H/C been sorted?
  5. All working and downloaded now, thankyou.
  6. Hi Jax any takers for this homecheck yet?
  7. The only criteria I fail on is the garden, I would adopt him in a minute, he looks such a lovely boy. I miss so much having a dog in my life just now, life is so empty without a lovely pointy nose greyhound to share my home.
  8. I really wish I could help out on this, makes me sad I can't do any or part of the transports at the moment. I'll just have to continue going stir crazy with cabin fever meantime. 😞😞
  9. Jaclyn C


    Wow I can't believe that is the same dog I collected, he was so shut down and there was nothing but emptiness in his eyes, look at him now way to go Loki, be happy with your new family and may your confidence become stronger every day. I'm so happy for this boy, I must admit I thought his foster mummy might become a member of the FF Club. Well done to Karen and to everyone who helped this boy come out of his shell as he learned to trust the humans and the world outside.
  10. Jaclyn C


    I'm so happy that Tilly decided she wanted to stay in her new home alongside her new big brother Jack, and new Mummy and Daddy. Tilly is a real cuddle monster and just adores loving attention. I must say that Tilly told me herself how happy she was to be in her forever home, her whole demeanour changed within 20 mins of being there, I had never seen Tilly that happy when she was with me due to my home being way to quiet and lonely for her, it didn't matter how much cuddles and kisses I gave her she was always a bit sad, and it was evident it was due to the lack of company of another dog in the house. I cried tears of happiness for Tilly as she settled into her forever home, and Jack accepted her straight away. I know Tilly could not have gone to a better home. I left her with tears of sadness, (for me) but I also left with a very happy heart because this wee girl truly did find her wonderful forever home. I still miss her being around the house.
  11. Jaclyn C


    Really pleased for this wee girl, this has made the journey all worthwhile and gaining a few extra grey hairs enroute Be happy Lottie in your wonderful new home and with your loving family.
  12. I can help with this one, I can do Edinburgh to Errol.
  13. Hi Katy I can do this transport  now.

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