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  1. I assume the police know about this...story for the newspaper? Sx
  2. This is great news - thanks to everyone who supported this. I assume the charity collection money from the Waitrose in Edinburgh (Stockbridge) came through ok too? Sarah x
  3. Didn't see this last night, but it is available on iPlayer. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04q0l0p/panorama-03112014 "Panorama - 03/11/2014 The integrity of greyhound racing has been called into question by a Panorama investigation which has exposed blatant cheating and the drugging of dogs at the heart of the sport. The undercover investigation caught a trainer revealing how he dopes greyhounds in order to effect betting coups - some of which he claims to have paid out up to £150,000. The programme's findings have prompted animal welfare campaigners to call for the government to reconsider the sport's self-regulatory status."
  4. If you can't get anyone else - I can go on Friday afternoon to Newcastle - leaving here about 14:00 so arriving in Newcastle a couple of hours later. Please PM me if you need me to do this. My car isn't fantastic for transport as it is has a rather small back seat, but Ruby fits in fine...but happy to go. Best wishes, Sarah
  5. Hi there - I am in Stockbridge Thanks everyone that is great news!!! However I am still at work today so can't organise myself in time for tonight as I won't be leaving here for a wee bit yet. But I will PM Fiona shortly as I have some friends who are also having a clear out and I am certain that they will have some duvets/blankets etc and then I can arrange appropriate delivery. Thank you, Sarah
  6. Hello Folks, I was wondering where one could drop-off/send donations for SGS (not the monetary kind). I have a number of items including a lead, a collar, a number of duvets, warm blankets, a dog bowl etc that might be of use to the hounds of SGS. I am having a bit of a clear out and seem to have amassed a number of items that could be re-used. Does SGS hold a donation drop off day? Thanks, Sarah (and Ruby)
  7. Hello folks, I was in Waitrose last night and the totals were in...according to the signage on the wall, Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary should be receiving £280 in due course. Well done everyone for dropping your tokens in the box... Sx
  8. Had a quick look in Waitrose last night to see how the tokens were doing in SGS' box...pleased to report that SGS is showing a healthy proportion of this month's tokens...popped in a few extra ones for SGS this morning... Sarah
  9. Hi all, I will go in to Waitrose after work today and see how SGS is doing in terms of token collection (you can get a rough idea as the boxes are clear and are next to each other) - not sure what this month's other two local charities are... Will report back... Sarah
  10. Hi again, Someone else might have also filled in a nomination form too - there's a few SGS members in Stockbridge, so can't take all the credit. I thought every little bit helps and it only took 15 minutes to fill in the form and write out a paragraph (I just re-worked what had already been written for the website)...I noticed that a few months ago one of the charities was the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home so I figured SGS had a chance of being chosen...and it was...yeah!!! Not quite sure what happens now though...I had to fill out all the charity details, contact address etc (which I copied from the website)...so I assume they will be in touch some time after the month end. http://www.waitrose.com/content/waitrose/en/home/inspiration/community_matters.html#.UyBhaXeB6Hd Sarah
  11. Hi again, I filled out one of the 'Community Matter's nomination cards a few weeks ago now, (just copied some of the information from the SGS website, included the charity number etc) and returned it to my local Waitrose...and when I was in last week, there was SGS as one of this month's charities. Sarah
  12. Hello all, Last week, I was in my local Waitrose shop and noticed that one of this month's 'Community Matters' charities was for SGS. For those of you that aren't familiar with the scheme, Waitrose has 'Community Matters' collection boxes at your local branch and at the end of your shop, you receive a token to place in a box for the local good cause you’d most like to support. The more tokens a cause gets, the bigger the donation the charity recieves. Each month, every Waitrose branch donates £1,000 between 3 local good causes that are nominated by the community. So if you happen to be in Waitrose in Stockbridge, Edinburgh over the next month (or know someone who shops there), let them know that SGS is one of the local charities for this month and encourage them to drop their token in the SGS box. Bye for now, Sarah PS: It is easy to nominate a local charity as the forms are in your local shop (admittedly there aren't too many Waitrose's around Scotland so 'local' might be a stretch). You just fill in the form and hand it back to the shop.
  13. Hello there, I thought you might want to see a few photos of Ruby as she celebrates one year in her new (well, not so new now) home...she is having a lovely time and has met lots of new friends...she is an absolute delight and has had a great year. We've been hiking and biking, lounging by the fire, meeting people and other dogs and have generally had a great time...she is still worried by certain streets in the dark and collie dogs but has made great progress in recall (although will forever be unlikely to come back if squirrels/rabbits/sheep are involved- I did think that we had made progress using extra-aged, top quality cheddar for a while but that was short-lived ). Surprisingly she loves going hiking and gets very, very excited when the hiking boots and rucksack come out of the cupboard... Enjoy, Sarahxx
  14. Hi there - I am Ruby's new mum...and, I just wanted to say that she is having a great time settling into her new forever home! Thank you to everyone who helped her along on her journey - she is a fantastic new addition to the family. Sarah x
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