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  1. Sorry not me this year - Ruby and I are heading of to northern England to do a bit of hill walking and cycling (obviously Ruby won't be doing any cycling) Sarah x
  2. Just wanted to remind folks that the 'Give As You Live' is a great option to help raise some funds if you are doing a bit of online shopping this holiday season.... https://www.giveasyoulive.com/ You can get to the Give As You Live website from the SGS homepage (although the weblink is broken) Christmas shopping has started already... Sarah and Ruby xx
  3. All paid: Confirmation number: 59X23190V7035290P I have PM'd you my address. Best wishes, Sarah
  4. Hi there - could I please have a red one. They are fab! Thanks, Sarah
  5. Happy Friday... I just wanted to remind people that there is a 'Give as You Live' option to help raise money for SGS. I am only posting this as I had completely forgotten about it, only to be reminded when I was having a quick browse of the main SGS website. It was easy to activate, and, as it costs me nothing at all, I got that 'feel good' factor this morning when I bought a new shower curtain online and raised £0.52 for SGS in the process. Fifty two pence isn't exactly a fortune on its own, but they all add up. http://www.giveasyoulive.com/scottish-greyhound-sanctuary/ Enjoy the weekend...
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