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  1. Ellen


    Yay! Lovely news!
  2. That's not what the post title says which is confusing. What are the timings as I might be able to work in an Inverness trip.
  3. I've got family staying so can't do all the way to Aberdeen but could possibly do some of the distance from elgin if it helps? To keith or huntly or something?
  4. Ellen


    Lovely news. Be happy Joe xx
  5. Ellen


    Oh what good fortune for Millie. 😍 I hope Jaclyn recovers soon though! 🙁
  6. Ellen


    Aw great news for the beautiful molly 😍😍
  7. Ellen


    Lovely news and welcome to the FF club! Best club around second to the sighthound owner club!
  8. Ellen


    What lovely news for these two. Glad they could stay together.
  9. Ellen


    So happy for Max. We do miss his presence around the house though as he was such a character. I'm sure he's going to be very happy with his new family.
  10. Ellen


    Yeah i know. Was trying to be all sensible there. You had to go and give me the perfect dog as my first foster in 6 years....was inevitable. She's such a lovely girl. Still got lots of training to do and her cheeky side is starting to show as demonstrated at the weekend when she nicked some cold baked potatoes from the kitchen counter....i'm starting to suspect she is my old dog Gypsy reincarnated as she certainly has some similar characteristics in relation to food. Anyway we are happy to have her and the kids are of course ecstatic! Thank you SGS once again for making our family complete.
  11. Ellen


    Awwww wonderful news. I love a happy ending.
  12. I can Suzanne, just send me the details. x
  13. Just seen this debate and find it very interesting. I got my dogs a few years before the kids came along and now i have an 18 month old toddler and another baby due in 2 weeks! My 3 dogs (6, 7 and 13) have adapted brilliantly to my daughter and i am sure they will be just as good with the new baby. Their routine has changed somewhat and they don't have the full freedom of the whole house like they used to as i have to make sure they don't knock over my daughter and equally that she doesn't go poking them in their sleep, but we have all found ways to make it work (with the help of many baby gates!). I must admit the most challenging bit for me is the dog walking as when it's just me (hubby at work) i have to take all 3 dogs and sometimes a grumpy toddler out in her buggy, come rain or shine! The rewards definately outweigh the negatives so far though. My daughter is very gentle with the dogs and she wants to give them all a pat before bedtime every night which i find adorable. I think bringing up your kids to respect animals from an early age is a wonderful thing. :thumbup:
  14. Ellen


    Rocky Sex: - Male Age: - 4 Breed: - Greyhound Colour: - Black Children: - Under Assessment Cats: - No Small dogs: - Under assessment Large dogs: - Yes Housetrained: - In an SGS foster home Spayed/neutered: - Yes Rocky is a happy waggy boy with a lovely personality, he's recently retired from racing Rocky is in an SGS foster home, since he has come into SGS's care he has come on leaps and bounds, his foster dad says he will make a cracking pet, he's a cute cheeky boy who loves nothing more than cuddling up to you, he'll also jump up and keep your seat warm when you leave it. As you can see he is a very dignified looking boy and will make a wonderful pet If you have room in your home and your hearts for Rocky please visit our website www.scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com where you can view details of our homing policies and complete an application form or email us at info@scottishgreyhoundsanctuary.com or phone us on 08456439335
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