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  1. Janice12


    Lucky Brianna, the good life for you now
  2. Janice12


    Happy days for Seren
  3. Congratulations to all the finalists, and the winners
  4. Janice12


    Best news ever, a FF who has her own superhero on her case. Well done the grandson, happy days Minnie
  5. Home check needed, one adult and one dog. PM me for details
  6. Janice12


    Lovely to see she is doing so well, and great pictures. She is a beauty 💓
  7. HC needed for couple with cocker spaniel, no kids. PM me for details,
  8. Bump, anyone around Queens Park area?
  9. Janice12


    It's lovely seeing him looking so happy
  10. Home check needed for a couple, first floor flat. Please PM me for details,
  11. Thank you We have very luckily got a volunteer so this is now sorted out.
  12. Home check needed for couple, no children or pets. PM me if you can help.
  13. Home check for 3 adults and one westiexJRT. PM me for details
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