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  1. thanks so much get that away to you tomorrow
  2. Lorri


    Yay a Sunday success story amazing new home and new name Brianna
  3. Lorri


    She is gorgeous and getting so grown up. Lucky to girl to land such a fab home
  4. always a nightmare voting as sooooo many fantastic photos of special dogs
  5. cheers I've pm'd you
  6. no bother just let us know
  7. Thanks for that order ..... I've had a look , its awfully hard to keep on top of t-shirts! in the green unisex theres medium and small only, and i red small only. in the blue 3rd t-shirt in theres medium or 2 xl..... in the kind of denim blue colour 4th in theres 2 in medium.... We have very few large left im afraid. from the picture above there's L in green and purple , 6th and 7th from the left above, with a swirly pattern. im away to update the post ...... let me know cheers
  8. hi there yes there are 13 inches (at the widest extent and up) black and brown:)) let us know
  9. apologies for the delay in replying the coat , nice blue one was posted today thank you for ordering it and for buying a coat for a homeless hound too just in time for winter 😕 thanks again
  10. We have a few of these left over folks in black and brown and in a variety of sizes and embossed details......which have now been reduced to £12.00 plus p and p. 🤗 They are absolutely smashing collars , very thick and perfect for the hounds necks, hard wearing yet comfortable .......... If anyone interested please get in touch here or PM lorri or claireb
  11. apologies Alva absolutely I am partial to a big lurcher who can sit and paw too!
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