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  1. lucky Buddy He will love to up North!
  2. think thats it! thanks 😂
  3. Happy new year - 2020 1st home check ! Can anyone help here please? no other animals or kids
  4. Lorri


    good ness she has been busy, she must be exhausted after partying !! excellent meeting another houndie too!
  5. they are the same or very similar DScot .... @ClaireB can you double check pls?
  6. thats amazing :-)) thank you indeed folks and houndies
  7. Stewards house ? Pm maybe....
  8. the coat is £10 plus £2.95 postage pls
  9. got a nice red one that should fit :-))) let me know please.
  10. I’ll check tomorrow... i haven’t found the unlined coats move around ... Fonzie is wearing the same one my previous 2 greys also wore!
  11. Lorri


    How gorgeous is wee girl Every congratulations Seren
  12. Lorri


    Great news for this wee sweetheart Happy forever home Rosie
  13. Lorri


    Love this name for this super handsome dude - Bonzo classic
  14. Lorri


    A failed fosterer The best !! Happy days lovely girl
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