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  1. Lorri


    happy forever home you handsome ED
  2. Lorri


    congratulations you gorgeous Lady. happy forever home
  3. The best news happy forever home Gaia
  4. Lorri


    so good, amazing news, have a fab life big guy.
  5. happy days Toffee girl, a beautiful dog inside and out. maybe after the lockdown we will get to meet again.
  6. Have donated £1 per team member  since it is for the dogs  Ref 58K721412U716884W

    Our team name is Monty's Minions

    Thanks, looking forward to it


    1. Lorri


      Thanks for that Sally, love the name .... just using your actual daily status as your team name nicely done 🥰

      i'm looking forward to it too! Hope theres greyhound questions!

  7. Lorri


    fantastic news wee Goose. so lucky! love a lurcher success story!
  8. there are indeed. Do you have a preference re type , colour , pattern etc ?
  9. Yay a fantastic success story happy new life Daisy Daisy and Pongo 🥰
  10. Just a quick post to say this has very sadly been cancelled BUT good news is we have re-booked the hall for our Winter Show on 1.11.2020 - that'll be here sooner than we know it (hopefully!)
  11. So Claire says that we have pink camouflage, hivis yellow or rainbow in the 5 or hives orange, black reflective, rainbow or purple in the 6
  12. @ClaireB claire's at work but will check when she gets in and pm🤞
  13. think thats it! thanks 😂
  14. Happy new year - 2020 1st home check ! Can anyone help here please? no other animals or kids
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