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  1. Kizzy & Moose Moose Kizzy
  2. Moose (13) & Kizzy (15) Kizzy Moose
  3. Moose & Kara Tricia and Moose
  4. Oh I think I know where she is, lucky girl and happy new life 🥰
  5. Thank you it arrived today, fits her perfectly and she looks the bees knees in it 🥰 photos later
  6. Do you still have fleece lined harnesses, we are wanting one for Rose’s 🌹 birthday, she won’t be the biggest size which I think is a 6, I think a 5 should fit her, if you have them what colours do you have? Also how much and I’ll PayPal it over 👍
  7. Sallydust


    😂🤣😂🤣 I knew she’d never leave Yorkshire 😍
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