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  1. diane g


    Well done you !! Daft lad.... was a pleasure having you here even though you have have got us all missing you. we are so happy for you all perfect forever home 😍= happy forever ending 😘 But you have a whole new adventure ahead and you will thrive with your new LUCKY family xx
  2. diane g


    Great news ! Enjoy your forever home and your new name πŸ‘ Thanks to all that made this happen x
  3. diane g


    Great news for this hairy lad . Thanks Louise, harry ,tj and milo for showing him the way and helping him to be a fun loving pup he is. Have a fun happy life in your forever home luath x
  4. diane g


    Aww little and large. Enjoy your forever home, lovely lad 😍
  5. diane g


    Wonderful news for you Peggy, and tge family that you have chosen must be very happy indeed 😍
  6. diane g


    Welcome to the ff club πŸ˜‰ Brill news and fantastic pictures x
  7. diane g


    Yippee !πŸ€—enjoy your sofa izzy ! Big thanks to all of you that made it possible for izzy x
  8. diane g


    Great news for glen ! Thanks to all that made this possible at last for this lovely gent πŸ’“
  9. diane g


    Amazing ! Enjoy being home tags. Thanks susan and Ellie for all the hard work and love you gave to this lad when he really needed, for him to go forward and find his forever home x
  10. 😍😍 hes a special clever lad, and harvey being so good and sharing the sofa already 😘 I think you have wound them ALL around your little paw already 😊
  11. diane g


    Enjoy being home fin. Thanks to all for helping thus happenfor the lovely lad x
  12. diane g


    Well done tiger happy new home ?
  13. diane g


    Yippee Wtg lovely lad .? Thanks to all that made this possible x
  14. diane g

    Mr Bo

    Aw new home new name . Well done to you clever boy , enjoy your for ever home xx
  15. diane g


    Yippee for you dave enjoy your new forever home .
  16. diane g


    Oh great news well done luna.
  17. diane g


    Fantastic. Lucky lad and enjoy your new life well deserved terry xx
  18. diane g


    He was a pleasure to have .. what a difference in him we saw from the sad very shy scared lad afraid of a clap .. to a big soft bundle of joy that just adored all the attention we gave in xx Loving the name ... Enjoy your forever home x
  19. diane g


    Thanks lorri amd claire for helping this lad to start the journey on finding his forever home . Wtg Oscar enjoy xx
  20. diane g


    Thanks to all for making this happen. Lucky girl x
  21. Well done all fab to see well if I could fir tears (of happiness ) and the fosters that have come this way. Fantastic work claire x
  22. diane g


    Just fab ment to be ?
  23. Or even to meet at Abington service station ??
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