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  1. Huge thanks to all who braved Edinburgh’s icy winds and rain! Such a challenge to get people’s attention in such chilly climes but the adorable hounds and their helpers definitely warmed a good few hearts! The figure was just under £500!
  2. It was biting cold today! i had full merino under layer and still cold! Thanks for braving it. Luath will so spoil the lucky people who take him home!
  3. Oh no! When did you come I was there til 2:30? Luath is adorable!!
  4. Current situation, Im wondering about other side of street to avoid crush on corner. Lots of huge concrete bollards and barriers around that spot too. The station access road is closed at weekend. thoughts @salrosblue @ClaireB
  5. Hi Sally, I'm trying to get my OH to take a picture of current set up there. Valid point and we will probably be around there but possibly on other side of road. There are no events in St. Andrews square this year, which is a shame as that corner there was a good spot. Everything is based in Princes st. gardens this year with road closures. Once I get pictures of the barriers around Waverley we will know better.
  6. wow, great pics of happy hounds. votes sent on.
  7. Ah ok, I’ve always wondered why my pics were always fuzzy! I’ll register, ta
  8. How do I stop sharp pics being compressed? I uploaded a 2mb sharp pic and it’s now 32kb and fuzzy?
  9. 10-14 Colm doesn’t roach very much and only started a few years back but seems to enjoy them now ;D
  10. Don’t forget the lurchers Stan & Luath did lots of treat tricks of sit & big paw 🐾 adorable!
  11. Agreed, maybe 2pm is a better kick off time as there seemed to be a constant flow of tourists with suitcases for first while. Much more relaxed 2nd half. Thanks for helping me through the inital stress too, X
  12. Thanks to all the lovely hounds and peeps who attended the Edinburgh can collection!
  13. Jax & myself (Sam - red hair) see you tomorrow, I’ll try set up in the corner opposite st Giles as last year.
  14. Thanks to all our volunteers who braved the soggy, cold afternoon. Well worth it as we raised £600. Great to see some new faces and thanks to the junior volunteers!
  15. Organised for Sunday morning.
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