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  1. Alva

    Final scores

    How did you do on the music one? I didn’t spot was next line but wouldn’t have helped me
  2. Alva

    Final scores

    Ha! Seeing as we got nothing for the music round I’m happy with that Congrats team alpha wolf! Thanks for organising @Jax
  3. grey matter B b a c c a c c b b
  4. Oh my word, after a super busy day at work I totally couldn’t get into that. Grey matter bonnie Tyler - Total eclipse of the heart whitney Houston - dance with somebody nirvana - smells like teen spirit
  5. Grey matter toto shep beethoven nanny rin tin tin hooch marley Bullseye gromit dave
  6. Alva

    Round 2 - Animated Dogs

    Grey matter mutley oddy snowy scrappy doo pongo dudley? biff dogtanian ralph brian
  7. grey matter 1. 1997 2. Red yellow black 3. Priscilla 4. zn 5.rice with ragu centre 6. little dog 7. 4 kids 8. Don’t know 9. reg Harris 10. ornithology
  8. team name - Grey matter do i use donation button?
  9. Huge thanks to all who braved Edinburgh’s icy winds and rain! Such a challenge to get people’s attention in such chilly climes but the adorable hounds and their helpers definitely warmed a good few hearts! The figure was just under £500!
  10. It was biting cold today! i had full merino under layer and still cold! Thanks for braving it. Luath will so spoil the lucky people who take him home!
  11. Oh no! When did you come I was there til 2:30? Luath is adorable!!
  12. Current situation, Im wondering about other side of street to avoid crush on corner. Lots of huge concrete bollards and barriers around that spot too. The station access road is closed at weekend. thoughts @salrosblue @ClaireB
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